Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Neighbors

I enjoy the thoughts and sharing many of you enlighten my life with. With my selections you will see a bit of the ideas you maybe provoked in my images and verse. This snowman I made yesterday on a walk in a favorite conservation area I enjoy. I showed the picture to the conservationist who works there and told her it was up to her to find it.What a fun gift made simple. I did take back my hat and gloves along with Lily's leash.

This time of year this fence that was taken down is now a wreath.

Friends are like moments
They help you through it all
Making life much simpler
Holding you up strong
When you could take a fall.

These three mallards amused me while I was sitting watching eagles on the river.In this shot it almost looks like two with the tail of one showing next to its friend.
Soft and subtle
Gentle trace
Moving slowly
Never a race
Smiles over me
I feel alive
Full moon rising
Across the sky.

The changes of your view
Are so subtle
Yet so remarkable to watch
Ever changing
As the world makes a new day
Friends you see
Not really that far away
Warm your heart
Each and every day.

Trumpeters still playing along the river.

Great Neighbors
In 1988 I lived near the Iowa State fairgrounds, my street dead-ended at the gate to the 4-H building. It was an older neighborhood, now all torn down to expand the fairgrounds. Many of the younger residents were in our first homes, so we took a special pride in how they looked. In previous years I always encouraged people to decorate for the Christmas holiday to make our street sparkle. I had even shared lights with people who didn’t have any to encourage this more. That year I was in the hospital for four surgeries getting a number of repairs from a motorcycle accident.
I had almost forgotten about decorating, when my family told me they had started some around the house. I had gotten some huge strings of lights that on top of having five colors could also be programmed with a dozen different blinking sequences. Price was no object in order to have the best. I thought how we always did the inside almost as big as the outside so was happy some would get done. My neighbor across the street, Rich, had other plans when he found out I was still in the hospital.

Coming over to the house he told my family he would be happy to put some up outside for us. They readily ran to the attic and brought out the boxes marked outside lights and went through them with him. He had to be overwhelmed with the amount of lights that I had. He was truly impressed with the new strings I had and how you could change the blinking order. Grabbing a ladder and staple gun he outlined every corner and window of my house including down the roof. It was one of the nicest displays on the street, making use of miles of lights, some I hadn’t used for years. When I came home I was really impressed, gaining the most holiday spirit I had for years. People passing would stop to look at his artwork and we had a good flow of traffic for the rest of the month.

It snowed for the rest of the winter pretty good so it was near spring when I was able to get out and take them down. Part of the hazard when you do big displays is taking them down. I got them all put away and when the next year came around I was ready to equal his artwork. When I went to test my lights I found that when he had stapled them up, many of the staples cut wires. Now my five color lights only worked with two or three, and some of the other strings not at all. I put them up anyway, along with many new ones, teasing him it would never be as good as when he put them up. And I never said a word about the wrecked lights, a heart of gold had put them up, and it would always be that way.


  1. Love the images of the birds. Still can't get used to seeing trees full of eagles. That was a great story, too, about the neighbor decorating your house. That's no simple accomplishment and had to be a labor of love.

  2. OH, so Barbie and Ken DID hook up; it was just a happening at your house and not mine :)
    Steve that snowman is very precious...did she find it yet?
    ...and the white trumpeter swans? Gosh, so lovely! your photos add such a peacefulness to my day! Thank you...

  3. Oh I am envious of your snowman! What a treat and a great gift. I can't imagine how much fun it would be to search for it. The weathermen are saying there's a small chance we'll have a white Christmas. Here's hoping!!

  4. What a cute snowman. I haven't ventured out to make one of those in years. I'm too much of a wimp when it comes to being That fence makes for an attractive and rustic looking wreath. What a great story that is about the lights. I've always loved driving around at night and seeing all the light displays, we never did get ours up this year.

  5. Another delightful post. Loved the photos and the narrative. I think I would be jumping up and down to see so many eagles in one spot. I know, for a 60 year old that would look pretty silly but I still revert to childhood when I see something as wondrous as that.

  6. That is one Perfect Snowman! What a fun thing to do:)
    And that "wreath" was ruggedly beautiful.
    Thanks again for sharing with us- your wonderful finds and captures and words!

  7. Love your snowman. So glad you took a picture of it. Your bird pictures are great. There is a road not too far from my house where I always see a huge bird flying but I'm always driving so I don't know what kind of bird it is because I can't get a good look at it. I only know that it's always in the same area and it's not a hawk, it's much bigger. At first I thought an owl but it's it's light in color, guess it could be a barn owl, they have a big wingspan.

  8. Friendship such as your neighbor showed you is becoming more precious each day. It's so great that you were blessed to have such a good friend.

  9. You've made me cry yet again, Steve! A heart of gold, indeed! It's your heart that warms mine on this winter morning. I'm so glad I found your blog months're a treasure. Bless you.

  10. Wonderful post, as usually !
    I appreciate each of all your photos and your writting also.
    Beautiful snowman !

  11. Hi Steve, What a good neighborly thing to do! Glad to hear this story at this special time - shows the best in people. Enjoyed the bird photos and the eagles are simply amazing to see so many in one place! Merry Christmas to you.

  12. Some of those pics look like postcards. Very nice.

  13. I Love your sense of humor!!Hahaaa...cute snowman and Great photos!
    Merry Christmas to a wonderful friend!!

  14. Your story made me wonder if there were any times someone has overlooked my faults and errors especially as I get older and make more of them.
    wonderful photos, I'll have to use another computer to see the snowman.

  15. Hi, hello! :D

    Dropping by to wish you and your family a very jolly Christmas and a blessed new year 2011.

    I've missed a lot of your wonderful writings, haven't been online much lately but it's Christmas so it's a must to visit friends even for a while.

    Envious of the snow... we have plenty of rain lately but that'll do :)

  16. I had to come back to re-read your "moon poem".
    Lovely...I love how it "never races"!
    You're moonstruck as well:)

  17. I wish you a Happy, Peaceful Holidays from a far away country!

  18. ...loved that happy snowman! I liked the full moon poem also and your story from Christmases past. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season this year!!


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