Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gentle Thoughts For The Holiday

When I was in my early teens I learned how to make these feet in the frost on windows. You use the side of your hand and then make the toes with your finger tips. None of my friends could figure why our mothers weren't impressed with our artwork, making smudges on their windows.

Out on the prairie today, I offered health and happiness to all I know and have met.I hope this wish came to you today.Lily could hear something under the snow and became a burrowing dog.

These are the guardians of my kitchen, they always need treats and food. Both came to me from my brother when he passed away and are 18 years old.

These two have the same pose in the same window. Both are huge so don't fit well on the couch.

I liked this painting in the window of a art gallery on a small town square east of me. It appears as if it is a store front window, but is a rather large painting about 50x 60.

The square was decorated with a carousel on the bandstand with Santa and his reindeer flying around. This is a unique set of decorations with one of my favorite angels carved out of wood.

You need to find where you would like to be tomorrow, but to do this you must start today. Find the places around you to enjoy the spirit of the land. In a time of happiness or sorrow the prairie has its power, to help me along my way, down a path of spiritual growth and enrichment. Go to that favorite spot and hold out your hands to say thank you to the land for helping your spirit in such a way, that your life becomes prosperous and committed toward helping all around you with their continued happiness, each and every day. We need to look at the person within us, and find out whom they want to be. Let your soul soar on a gentle prairie breeze. Climb the highest mountain, and see all there is to see. What might not be apparent to you might be to me, so we can share our thoughts and compassion letting them set us free.

I look to the stars for an answer
You never know when or how
They will answer your questions
Or save them for another day
To see if you can find your answer
In yet deeper thought or another way.
I hoping to get some clear skies to watch the meteor shower this week.On the 20th there will be a lunar eclipse, turning the moon red during the night.


  1. I love your furry friends, they are very beautiful!

  2. This was a lovely visit to your home, pets and town. Thank you for hosting us.

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  3. Hi Steve, it was nice to see your pets in this post. Lily looks like she does enjoy the snow - so do I and we may get some here on the VA eastern shore late tommorrow afternoon. Maybe even enough to take a few photos to post.

  4. There's always such a beautiful variety of wonder here.. cute critters, lovely scenes and absorbing prose. Thanks for this.

  5. Your prairie is a beautiful place today.

  6. That was really lovely~and I will visit the prairie I carry in my heart tomorrow. gail

  7. Hi Steve, What a beautiful Christmas display on the square.. Love that angel also...

    Lily looked so funny (cute) after digging in the snow.

    Wow--those kitties are well-fed, aren't they?????

    Enjoyed your words.... We all just need to keep climbing that mountain!!!!

  8. Wow, your pictures of the town square are fantastic, Steve! It looks like such a cheerful place! I really like that angel holding the christmas tree.

    Your thoughts here are wonderful.. "What might not be apparent to you might be to me." Such is the lot of humanity. I'm so glad for friends.

    A hug your way today!

  9. ps... As Allison, I love the footprints!!

    As a mom, I'd have to side with the other moms!! :D

  10. OOTP...I truly felt your good wishes yesterday! Thank you for stopping by and giving your positive thoughts and energy. I made it through the day unscathed and woke this morning with a 2 hour delay so spontaneous serenity is good!

    oh BTW, I love the photos of the fat cats...they made me laugh!

  11. Those are plump kitties! Enjoyed your photos. So very festive and merry looking,


  12. Lily, the cats, the olde town photos, and your words truly got me off to a fantastic start this morning. Thank you, my friend. :)

  13. wonderful thoughts to ponder. It really does look like a shop window, very contented looking kitties.
    I forgot about those footprints, we used to make them on the school bus windows on the long drive home.

  14. Old cats, fat cats, and snow-burrowing doggy...can't go wrong with that combination. Lovely scenes around town, too; and you captured them beautifully.

  15. Your cats look like my cats... Large and overlapping the top of the couch.

    I had completely forgotten about the "foot prints!"

  16. Lily looks so cute all snowy I bet her and Duke could have great fun playing in the snow together. Those are some big cats. Love all the Christmas pictures. This is such a great time of year.

  17. Another great post and the one of Lily with her nose covered in snow is a heart-warmer. Loved all your other photos, the cats are adorable too. Thanks for stopping by. I might start looking for a life-vest for Hamish and give it to him for a present one of these days, at least before he spends any more time on his big brother's boat.

  18. Thank you for a lovely visit. You live in a little slice of heaven.

    When you have a chance, Steve, I've a little something for you at my place.

  19. Hello! I came by from Kittie's blog, and I am so impressed by the 'feet' on the window! Also your pictures are lovely - it's so nice to discover where other people live through their blogs. :)

  20. I really loved this post, and especially liked the wooden angel. And those are the biggest cats I've ever seen!

    Merry Christmas!

  21. What a wonderful post...and I love the scenes you have here.
    Thank you for sharing them with us. It is always a pleasure coming by here!

  22. I'm so glad I scrolled down to find this. It is simply beautiful.

    I just bought a truck because I dream of hauling some kind of trailer. I want to see more earth, more prairie, more mountains.

    I always envision myself as an old lady in a flannel shirt, writing in a cabin. That's the person I want to be tomorrow and to some extent, already am.

  23. Love your photography and your cats are super cute! And where I work I see a lot of chubby cats and Doc never says they're fat, he says they're "happy cats." I even have one myself, my daughter calls her "Plumpkin" and my husband calls her "Chunky Punky" :)

  24. excellent post. And again, love the animal shots :) those are some big cats! They look quite happy! Pretty christmas decorations, too!


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