Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Celebration of Love

I try to be a happy fellow
Each and every day
At times this can be helping others
Or just going out in nature to play
See how easy it is to be happy
It is all part of the holidays
Give when a hand is in front of you
Help out in any way
And be happy like me
Each and every day.

This was a entry to someones home ,but reminded me a bit of the new Alice In Wonderland.
I am back to sharing a prairie story, my 50th , a golden moment. The present time is in the 1880's, the "wilderness" has been tamed a bit, and towns are growing. I left you with two friends finding feelings deeper with years of knowing each other. A painful twist in a tale that has perhaps happened over and over again. Even today we give up too easy and don't ride out the storm in relationships. Two sisters have joined forces to continue the struggle and maintain a farm. One of the original homes has been a host for numerous families all getting a start in new lives. A collection of plants has been taken into a new city and shared by many. One of the things that kept the life going out on the prairie was strength in families and friends, all helping each other along. We all came from different cultures and backgrounds to form a strength to be shared for eternity.

It was their granddaughters fifteenth birthday, her ascension into adulthood. They drove past their old home and thought of a thousand memories. Getting out, they walked holding hands down along the stream, on paths their entire family had walked on. Fairies welcomed them back and the stream shared its gentle wisdom. She gathered some flowers to share at the family gathering, attentively smelling them on the rest of the ride.

Coming into the newest of family homes made him feel stronger. He had worked for the original owners before he worked on the railroad. They had been an extended part of his family and shared many happy moments. The yard had piƱatas and huge crepe flowers hanging from all the trees. Colorful garlands and streamers hung on the house. It was to be a wonderful day. The sun came from behind a cloud and smiled down on them.

When his granddaughter ascended the stairs she reminded him of when he met his wife and how close the two resembled each other. He looked at his wife with blurry eyes and told he loved her. She grabbed hold of him and their souls soared touching everyone’s spirit that was there. The strength in this union was shared out over the prairie and into the stars. They both shared tears of happiness and he told her what he felt when he saw their granddaughter, and she threw back her head laughing for she too was thinking the same thought at the very same moment.

The food arrived continually and gaiety spread across the yard as everyone started dancing to a small band. They celebrated birth and family traditions with this celebration. When a huge tiered cake came out fireworks were set off all around. The sun was beginning to set and he was asked to tell their family story. He told of his parents and ascended down the ladder elaborating on the most wonderful moments he could remember about each relative. When he began with all present at the party, he made a few people blush and was awarded a lot of hugs, kisses and praise. This story was carried off on a gentle prairie breeze, reminding all how wonderful it is to love.


  1. I dont know what i like more.
    Your beautiful thoughts, the poem your prairie story or your photographs.
    It is difficult to make up my mind.
    have a great day.

  2. I love all of it. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  3. I agree with Costas, how can I choose what I like better?

    Great post!

    I love the puppy shot!

  4. Beautiful cardinals. And I enjoyed the upside-down reflection photo, too.

  5. Another great post.
    Your writing and photos could make a book.
    My favorite this time....those beautiful colorful birds! Love that splash of color!!!

    (Regarding your comment on my post earlier...I cannot believe you swam in that cold of water! You are very brave:)

  6. Those are gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Love your photos! I especially like the plant photos, and the one that reminds you of the new Alice In Wonderland.

  9. Now how could one possibly go away from this post and not be happy. The pictures, the story all of it a total pleasure and it made me smile

  10. Gosh, Steve, that's really lovely. I think I like the photo of the snow buddha best. Your stories are so descriptive -- very nice. :)

  11. photos (lovely Red shot)...a poem....and the story! You are very creative!! Love hearing about prairie live in your story.

  12. I enjoyed your photography and the story.

  13. You really do a good job of getting across the point of the importance of family, in whatever form, during these early days on the prairie. You paint a mighty fine picture, sir, one that I am enjoying more and more.

  14. Beautiful photos! And I love, "...their souls soared and touched everyone's spirit..."

  15. Well told! Good combinations of words and photos. That snow Buddha is cool, in more ways than one!

    As you may have surmised from my Dino Lif post, my daughter is teaching me quite a bit about love. Thank you for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Wonderful post, Steve... I always love your stories ---but the photographs are fabulous... LIFE is LOVE and LOVE is LIFE. Thanks for sharing....

  17. Thank you!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  18. So many memories from your stories, love that photo right under the Longhorn is it wood, I can't make it out?

  19. The little red bird... a cardinal? Oh!

  20. You certainly have a way with words. They totally transport me into another time and place. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  21. They were chocolate chip, Steve. And I daresay the best on the European continent. :) Hurray! Something I might actually be able to claim!

    (I shoulda known you of all people would pick up on the homemade goodies) heehee :) Hugs!

  22. Love these! Buda looks Cold!!!Lolol
    Happy weekend!!

  23. Always amazing photos and always such sweet, sweet stories.

  24. Steve, the photos are wonderful because they are expressions of nature's beauty. The grabs at the heartstrings.

  25. Beautifulphotos and writting. The both cardinal birds are very beautiful. Have a nice week-end !

  26. It's a treat to visit here and find great photos and a good story~ gail

  27. I like the small details in pictures and words. Very well done. Thanks

  28. I have a lot to learn from you!
    Thank you!

    '...See how easy it is to be happy...'
    Yes, you are right!
    Best regards!

  29. Wonderful photos as usual, love your little Lily. The leaves under water was a very interesting picture, all were outstanding!

  30. One sentence in and I find myself asking what I could be doing to improve the planet. By the end of the entry, I feel like grabbing my coat and heading out to just get it done.

    You have a very inspirational view of the world, and I'm glad I found your blog.

  31. Lovely story, very inspirational.


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