Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time For Changes

A moment that is monumental
As that last day draws near
A wish for health and happiness
To all I have known and have met
Wishing you all a momentous New Year.

If you look close, an eagle does a fly over a flock of geese.

A telephone booth along the Mormon Trail

Dog snow angels

Snowflakes fall
Ever so gentle
Wind picks up
Sings a song
Everything is white
Before too long.

Hey, there are mice under here.

A large oyster mushroom

Her husband had not made any sounds getting ready for work that morning. She looked at the clock and went up to make sure he was awake. There was no movement heard when she knocked on his door and she became worried. When she went into the room he was not there and had not slept in his bed. On his pillow was a note and she fell to the floor reading it. Their relationship had dwindled and he did not care to continue. He had accepted a position in France and had left in the night. She became frantic and screamed at the top of her lungs a mournful cry, and cried until she fell back asleep curled up on the floor.

When she awoke she read the note over and over hoping it not to be real, but it was very real. She cleaned up and went running down to the trolley. It seemed like it took forever to arrive. When she got on the tears started again and she tried to hide them. She felt an arm over her shoulder and the lady behind her asked if she could help. She moved up to her seat and listened to her tragedy. They held hands and discussed what to do, and she told her time would heal all. She got off and waved goodbye, before she realized they had never told each other their names. She ran to her friend’s home, hoping he would be up.

He was in his back yard and did not hear the bell until she had rang it five or six times. He saw her tears and knew something was wrong. They hugged until she found her voice again through the tears. She told him what had happened, and showed him the note. He fixed a pot of coffee and sat down with her to talk. He didn’t know what to say, fearing to say the wrong thing. He truly loved this lady and honestly did not see this as a complete tragedy, but he did not tell her that. Instead he shared her feelings and cried a few times with her, trying to think of nice things to tell her to bring her back to happiness.After drinking the pot of coffee he took her out to lunch at their favorite cafĂ©.Feelings of friendship shifted across the land, on a gentle prairie breeze.

We can turn our troubles and sorrow
Into happiness through and through
One thing that really helps me
Is knowing you.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today Brings A New Tomorrow

Her sister living with the family made one of the biggest steps to guaranteeing her independence. The oldest daughter was thirteen now, and giving her a lot of problems. She wasn’t staying in school, feigning different illnesses, and getting behind in her grades. When asked to do something it was as if she never heard what was said. The worse part of it was she would have liked to blame this on someone, but all was similar to when she was this age.

Her sister could step in and arbitrate problems, and the girl listened more to her friend than her mother. This was to be expected somewhat, a rite of growing up, a sudden change caused by the mind gravitating toward adulthood. When does one really grow up, and how shall we determine it? Family spirit prevailed and problems became easier to work out with more openness and sincerity used when addressing the issues. Having a neutral third person worked well also, but now there was a fourth person.

He came into their lives to expand their home with a major addition. Now he had expanded their horizons by becoming a very good friend. One day he arrived with a set of shelves he had built for their new dining room. He often enjoyed finding various things to patch and fix mostly to be with the younger sister. They had more than become friends while working together on the addition.

They enjoyed taking walks out through the meadow that lead to a stream. He would bring along her nieces occasionally and fish for trout. They cooked their catch and enjoyed it right on the banks of this beautiful stream. When they came by themselves it was more intense to be in this wonderful prairie and discussing various ideas and feelings. Walking hand in hand, they often were followed by fairies, trying to hear all the lovely words they shared. It was a jubilant spirit that grew each time they were together and enjoyed nature’s bountiful beauty. This spirit was often carried away to be shared by others, on a gentle prairie breeze.
We can solve all our problems
That arise for all in this world
With love, peace and happiness
Continuing to cure all ills.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharing Peace And Harmony

A gall with a tiny opening where its inhabitant escaped appears almost like a birdhouse.

In Native American lore some tribes claimed to have entered this world climbing up tree roots from the center of the Earth. These stories were often exchanged to look at the heritage of each tribe. I thought of this story when I found this shot, it was home to Sauk and Fox tribes pushed away from the Mississippi by incoming settlers from Europe. I will have to see how deep it goes when I can figure a safe way to get down to it on the slippery slopes.

His arrival into a new home was wonderful. He had been traveling for two years, and now had a tiny prairie home near the river. He spent days cleaning and repairing a number of tiny needs. The cabin had been neglected for a few years, with the previous occupants running out of funds to do simple repairs.

He walked down to the river and enjoyed the gentle waters rolling by. They seemed to be telling a story, in a simple song, as the water broke over rocks in front of him. He thought of the water being one of the oldest residents in this wonderful land. It had seen all that had occurred and understood how to survive in an ever-changing world.

Fairies whispered to a water nymph what beautiful images this man had made of the land with his paintings. He seemed to have the grace that emphasized the most beautiful views and scenery to be found in this land. It was simple for him since he saw a picture in everything he enjoyed in nature. Being out in this prairie gave him energy he never knew he had, until he began to really understand how powerful nature could be.

That night he went to a hill out in a prairie area and sketched until the sunset. The wind seemed to increase his wisdom and desire to learn more about this area. He came back every evening until he felt he had made a bond with this land, and would try harder to show how wonderful it could be with his art and writings.

One morning he went out, and was disappointed to see his bloom being mowed for hay. He stopped and talked with the landowner. When he left they had agreed to share some of his hay and spread it near the new cabin. Every time his neighbor mowed he spread the golden hay hoping to pass seeds and develop a similar area. He gave him one of his paintings hoping to see the same some day in his own yard. His hope and praise for this land was promising, but often scoffed at by local farmers. His spirit clung to hope and was carried away on a gentle prairie breeze.

We need to look at our today’s
Understanding they create our tomorrow’s
And build our confidence to build
Love and compassion for all we meet.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Out On The Prairie

Have you ever had one of those mornings where those blankets feel so soft?

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring, hey a guy is trying to sleep around here. The rustle of paper set me up straight, are they getting into the food I wrapped, better get them before it's too late. The presents were safe, a false alarm was there, and I went back to sleep somewhat with Christmas so near.
Merry Christmas to all of you from snowy Iowa!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Prairie Cold

Happy holidays To All My Friends

This is a tree in my front yard this morning, as a snow storm blankets the area, perhaps grounding many for the holiday. Time to play a bit today.

This jolly fellow was out in a bean field yesterday, greeting all passing by.

I thought of Charlie Brown when I saw this beautiful little tree. It was the effort made that really had an appeal to me.

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Sounds of the full moon rising
And setting at the break of dawn
Has amazed us for centuries
Freeing our souls all night long.

First it began raining, not a good thing for December on the prairie. This began to coat the trees and grasses with a thick coat of ice. It changed the landscapes shapes and dimensions. Everything looked like glass and the morning sun created an ever-changing beauty. It rained again, and in the late night rained tree branches, to heavy to hold the ice any longer. The popping and snapping reminded him a favorite winter poem, talking about the crispness in the air. It was indeed crisp and branches fell everywhere, including on top of his vehicle. The huge branch girdled the vehicle and a neighbor helped lift it off.

Snow began to cascade down and covered the entire prairie region. It stopped schools and slowed people’s lives. This is time for cleansing and gives us time to think deeper into our thoughts. He pondered writing all day but went for a hike along the river instead. When he came back he helped a few neighbors with their snow and came home exhausted. His stomach growled and he realized it had been a long time since he ate cold chicken after burning some bacon for breakfast. He fixed a burger and went to check on his neighbor, taking another walk on the prairie. Coming back he pondered writing more and put on some holiday tunes.

Gathering a helper the next day, he went back to where he had seen some good winter photos and shot all morning. He looked at how one would sketch this clear coat on nature. The wind won and they went back to warm drinks and reviewed their shots. His beard encrusted in ice made him look like Old Man Winter. He returned by himself in the afternoon to look at sunset possibilities, but the sun wouldn’t smile today. In fact it took a few days for the storm to subside and leave the prairie for awhile. Sliding along he was given a boost by a gusty prairie breeze spreading the spirit he had found with many new friends.