Monday, November 15, 2010

Hard Choices

Someone had lost this bobber, perhaps a long time ago. I thought how I hate to lose my equipment and hoped it didn't end a fine day of fishing in despair.

There were times when he visited that she thought more than gardening. Her husband had even said he felt she was having more than a friendship, but she contained her feelings. Their relationship had waned from expressing feelings for many years. This was one of the most wonderful friendships she had ever experienced. They thought in total contrast with each other, often answering with the same thought or remark, which warmed her heart. Was it just part of her age, or could she truly love two different people in two different ways?

One day while watching him work she felt she must at least ask him how he felt, but was too shy. She helped him stand and both felt the strength of feelings by the touch of their hands. They hugged and gave each other a brief kiss. This shouldn’t happen and she turned away and went into the house. He followed and they talked to a great length, ending up in each other’s arms again, and he left, wishing none of this had happened with a smile. He had wanted to do this for way too long and finally did without any guilt. When she walked back into the house after seeing him off with another kiss there stood her husband, having watched all from the kitchen window.

She walked back inside wondering what to say and how to repair the damages. He did not let her have a word in edgewise, belittling her for over three hours. She knew it was wrong, but had just felt like it to be right at the moment. In fact it felt even stronger with her husband yelling. Her pleas for forgiveness were refused and he went into his study and shut the door. He did not come up to sleep, staying on his couch, getting up early and leaving for work without a word. His hollow emotions and pain hurt her even worse, unable to repair any wounds.

She waited a few days and went to his house to talk about what had happened. He felt terrible and offered to talk to her husband, but she told him not to. They talked for an hour, with both laughter and tears. She truly felt passion for both men, each in a separate way. He said he would try to understand better, and truly did feel strongly for her, and would place these feelings at making their friendship stronger. When she went to leave he held her hand and told her she should not give up her marriage for this love. She looked into his eyes and could only see one of the most wonderful people she had ever met. They touched fingertips on both hands and stared into each other’s eyes. She wished her mind could sort how she felt, but her values could not fully agree with these untimely feelings. A gentle prairie breeze dried her tears, and offered her some solace and compassion.
There are times our thoughts
Seem to betray us
We need to look for strength
Through others and the land
Look to the stars at night
And ask them to help
You set your plan.


  1. Wow! Pretty intense. Great new posts.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Steve, and interesting story... Are you going to publish any of your stories---or write a book????? You should.

    We crazy humans allow our 'in-the-moment' emotions to control us at times... We make decisions from the heart rather than the mind. I feel sorry for the husband in the story... The wife needs to get on her knees and pray for forgiveness....

    These kinds of things are what cause marriages to break up... Couples need to keep their love and communication as the most important part of their relationship together... My first marriage broke up --and it was a lack of love and communication which ultimately broke us up... We didn't deal with our problems --and ex-hubby had an affair.... It was HIS fault--but was really OUR fault....

    Sorry I rambled on and on.

  3. That's some story
    The photos are great, that one of the sky is just awesome.

  4. well written sure keeps you reading, now I want to know how it ends...wonderful photos,

  5. Steve, while reading the post I was reminded of the book, The Bridges of Madison County. The situation you wrote about is much more commonplace than most folks realize. I agree with Betsy's comment that communication is important, but not that the wife should beg forgiveness from her husband. He didn't appear to be a loving man.

  6. This reminded me a bit of one of my favorite movies..."Bridges of Madison County".
    You are quite the writer!!!!!!
    Do you have a book on the go?

  7. beautiful images and very interesting story! thank you!!

  8. Hi Steve, I am new to your blog. I enjoyed this post very much and found your story riveting from beginning to end. Loved the photos also, all very interesting and enjoyable images.

  9. These two characters have been posted before, they had been friends in a garden club for a decade.The area is actually in NE. Madison County is 2 counties over, I lived there for a while. I waited while they were making the movie, hoping to meet Clint. I met some of the cast,crew, and his extra.Look for this story to continue.

  10. Lovely, peace-inducing shots. And don't fret about that fisherman losing his bobber. If he's any kind of angler at all, he's got plenty more in a side pocket of his vest. And if not, well, there's plenty of other ways to catch a fish.

  11. At least there is no bird skeleton beside the bobber. So many people will cast a line out and it snags in a tree and in the end the line is broken and hangs there. A desperate death trap for birds who fly into it. I rescued a starling once so wrapped up it took a long time to get the line off. In a panic, he has flutter and flopped and wound himself up like a mummy.

  12. A wonderful story today...I couldnt help but feel heavy for her emotional torment.There was no right or wrong,only feeling.I think I stopped breathing when you wrote.."They touched fingertips on both hands and stared into each other’s eyes. She wished her mind could sort how she felt, but her values could not fully agree with these untimely feelings."..Ooooh I'm such a mushy!!( :

    Beautiful images..thank you for sharing them.Warmest Regards,Cat

  13. If you haven't published, you should!

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

  14. Yes, I will come back to see how it will end!
    It is about us, isn't it?
    Even I am not a native english, I like find stories best written like yours!

  15. Well as I've said before and will never stop saying, "The truth is never pure and rarely simple." Oscar Wilde

    A moving tribute to people who live out real situations, despite how questionable they may be.

  16. Hello ! I am back !
    Great photos and nice story.
    I do not like fishing. Bad memory of my childhood.

  17. Nice, honest story Steve. The photographs are very nice, especially the ones of the old fallen down structures: haunting in some sort of way.



  18. Have lost more than a few bobbers....and flies in my time.
    btw I think I met those people once.

  19. I was about to say how I thought that fisherman would have plenty more bobbers at hand, and was thinking about Frank at the time. I see he's already told you just that. Beautiful photos and wonderful story.

  20. Hi Steve. I discovered you over at Dawn's blog, Puzzle Pieces. I'm from Nebraska (hi neighbor) and enjoy photographs of this part of the country.

    Very nice writing. As others have asked, are you writing a book?

    And, like the lost bobber photo. I lost my bobber along time ago. At least, that's what my husband says. :)

  21. I love the old barn shots. We have some old cabins still rotting away in the bush. They are such treasures to explore. - Margy

  22. Whew! I don't know what to say. It's pretty intense. Your story could be the story of people we don't know too. It's amazing how some people could stay strong and how some could let temptation set in.


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