Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shared Moments

A good chair to rest.

Her garden was beginning to sprout, and she began cutting tulips to set in the house. Her friend was digging up some clumps of yarrow to thin out. They had burnt the main bed again this year and found it yielded better with its native plantings. It was wonderful to have this piece of wilderness in the middle of the city. She had shared this bed with her first neighbor, who had brought many of the flowers from her homestead on the prairie. Her chair always started at one point and moved for better vantage in this wonderful yard. At the end of the season it sat on the porch pondering the next year and reliving the valiant past.

They went up on the porch to rest when the mail arrived. She had received a package packed in sisal. They played with it making moustaches and new hair. It was just as fun as the gift inside, it had a childish effect on both of them as they enjoyed being with each other. They lay back with the gentle sun basking in their grace and happiness. Compassion swirled around them and time swept by into an unknown bliss.

She sat up and demanded return to work and he just looked into her eyes, telling her with a look it could wait. I t took three more attempts to finish this garden cleanup and it never fully got done. She worked late into the evening and thought of him as a strong storm moved to the south. They shared that moment since both were on the same thought train of thought while enjoying the storm. She held her hand up towards him as he did her at the same time and their souls soared into the heavens. They strayed amongst the stars hoping to gain wisdom and define the purity of their love. The stars offered good tidings and smiled at this wonderful couple knowing how well they were for each other. Their happiness was painted on the tips of flower petals, by a gentle prairie breeze
When I hold you in my arms
I feel the magic work on me
My spirit soars full of glee
And I treasure our moment together.


  1. Oh how beautiful your photos and sentiments are. They're transforming.

  2. HI Steve, Looks like winter has come to the state of Iowa. Love seeing your photos... The deer are really giving you the 'eye'---and probably wishing you would just GO AWAY!!!!! ha.... They can't hide as easily when the leaves are off of the trees, can they??? BUT--I will say that their color helps them to blend in --to the area around them.

    Have a great Sunday.

  3. The last couple of posts put me in a deer hunting mode. I used to bow hunt but gave that up some years ago to hunt them with my camera and my reasonably controlled GSD who loves to hike in the woods with me. Beautiful pictures!

  4. beautiful shots but it looks a little on the chilly side.

  5. Hey Steve,
    What beautiful does. I love to "shoot" them with my camera, while hubby prefers the traditional way.

    Looks like the leaves have fallen and winter is on the way.

  6. that tree trunk is pretty impressive, really like the last photo too. Nice series!

  7. Beautiful photos. You can almost feel the chill in the air. And so many lovely images of deer. Good work.

  8. I love the place to sit and rest, Steve. I would be there in a heartbeat with a bit of knitting or a good book, or just my eyes to take in all the beauty and peace.

    At the dinner table last night my husband told everyone about how you are going to be preparing four meals for people on Thanksgiving Day. He was moved by your gesture; all of us were. Your desire to reach out to others and spread joy is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that ... such a legacy you leave, Steve.

  9. Beautiful!! ...just absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad I happened upon your site!

  10. That tree needs to come and live at my house. I need a good thinking chair to sit in!
    Beautiful work- again!
    (Are these shots from your last camping adventure?)

  11. I do thank each of those deer for letting me take their pic.It is amazing to get close to these beautiful creatures.Working yesterday with a group, they all told a few hunting stories. I shared I shot over 40 in 3 days.Only got a few grunts.LOL

  12. Hi Steve! Another great post! I Love the picture of the sun through the clouds!! Awesome!!!

    Hope you have a Wonderfu Thanksgiving week, with your Chinese food and all! :-)


  13. Just beautiful, lovely words and photos. The ones of the deer are particularly close to my heart, as I love to see these beautiful animals.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your interesting comments. Your noodle salad sounded wonderful and I'll have to remember the fish sauce the next time we cook a steak. I never thought of doing that before.

  14. Hi Steve, the photos were lovely, especially the opening ones by the water's edge. Admittedly, I enjoyed them more than the deer photos. But most of all i enjoyed today's post - very lovely. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  15. Love the deer photos. I need to get down into our blind early morning and see if I can snap a few of those Bambi's. :)

  16. Your pictures are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Every morning I look at through the window to see if I can see a third deer in the poplar tree of my neighbor'. I have already shot tow.

  18. those deer photos are lovely. your story is always captivating.


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