Monday, November 8, 2010

Prairie Love

A stick was blown across this fine sand to create the wavy pattern until it was swept up and carried somewhere else.The sand was so soft and fine I had a hard time leaving it after lounging in the sun , listening to the waves tell me a story.

This buck thinks maybe nobody can see it, except a doe up the way.

Turkey hide quick hoping not to be seen.
The breeze felt good to her, she had been plowing for over two hours and needed a break. Flowers had just started to bloom sparsely around the edge of her field. She thought back when she was young, running along the animal trails in grasses higher than her head. They would make garlands, necklaces and bouquets for their mother, who thrilled them with her surprise at such thoughtful gifts. She stuck a flower behind her ear and lay back in the new grass, dreaming of a never forgotten childhood on the prairie.

It was afternoon when she put the horses and equipment away. She wanted to start a meal, but was too tired. She would make something simple like pancakes. She closed her eyes for what seemed a short moment, and heard the two girls come in from school. They each had a bouquet for her, and she held her hands up to her face just as her mother had, and told them how surprised she was with their gift. Her voice quaked and she held the girls in a firm hug and told them she loved them with all her heart and soul.

She often wondered where her husband was, her heart still felt strong for him. Their time together had been really nice, and he left her with a void in her feelings for others. She wanted the girls to have a father again, but never could find the fit. Her friend told her that her previous husband had never been the orchid she looked for in a bed of roses. She blushed although there was a lot of truth in her thoughts. She worked five days at the meat plant and also worked their small farm. She used to worry about having too much time to herself. She stood out on the porch after dinner and a gentle prairie breeze played with her hair, seemingly carrying her troubles away.
Touch my heart
Touch my soul
When you touch me
I lose all control
For I truly love you.


  1. Geeezzzz Steve...LOVE your photos!

  2. Love that final image of the woman on the porch. Great pictures as well! Run, turkeys, run!!! Thanksgiving is near!

  3. What neat words. And those pictures are fabulous.... Love the sunset picture... WOW....AND--the heart out of rocks!!!! How neat is that... Love the deer and turkey also. We have both around here --and I saw 3 deer behind our home a couple of days ago... SUCH gorgeous creatures!!!

  4. Quite the story.....sad yet beautiful in a way. I'm glad she had her girls....hopes she finds someone made for her.

    Love the sand picture with words...."Out on the Prairie".....a beautiful contradiction.

  5. you are a very lucky photographer :) i never catch a deer in the wild :( congratulations!!

  6. Such beauty out on the prairie. Lovely lovely shots. I guess you are a hopeless romantic too.

  7. Such a nice story. There is something romantic about those times and places, but when I think about it some of the same struggles as today. Different characters and different era, but many similarities. Thank you.

  8. Wonderful photos as always. The sunsets are gorgeous and what a great way to shoot a deer :)

  9. Awesome captures!! Do you use a blind to be able to get that close to your critters?

  10. Wonderfully done, as always. Your little stories always get my imagination working to picture the scens in my mind.

    And I liked the stick trails in the sand.

  11. Breath taking pictures as usual! Love the closeups of the deer! Beautiful creatures!

    As if your pictures aren't enough, your stories are just as creative and beautifully written. I esp. love the 'love' poem at the end!! What a romantic you are! :-)

    Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

    PS. Thank you for all the very insightful and heartfelt comments on my post! They are always very heartfelt and add a great deal to my post.:-)

  12. nice captures...great photos...well done

  13. Those pictures were wonderful as was the story that went along with it.

  14. Such a story... such a woman! Where is the sand, Steve? Along a riverbank?

  15. Wonderful story, love the image the stick made in the sand, did it take some investigation to figure it out or did you see it happen. I absolutely love that deer looking back.

  16. I enjoyed your deer photos. Thanks for sharing your story and the photos.


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