Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Lives In An Old Land

A historic sale barn I feel would make into a nice home. I found the old home in my last blog when trying to get over to this prairie palace, that is up for sale.

When he stepped into the sale barn, he knew he was the king in his castle. They had worked together many years to build this empire. He traveled as an auctioneer all over the prairie. Many of his travels took him close to his son’s home. This was a child from his first marriage he had been separated from, and he felt if they wanted to see him, they always knew where he lived, but never came. His wife urged him to visit, but to no avail, he remained cold-hearted and alone for the rest of his life from this family. Should he have made the effort, or could he even see it right to make the effort got lost in the years and soon forgotten, almost.

When he met his second wife he took over her nine and sixteen year-old daughters, and in his heart found solace from his children he had lost touch with. They dated for five years just so she was sure he would be a good father to her children and an acceptable spouse. He was distant at times with his new children, but always there when needed. They almost had forgotten their original father, for this man filled all the gaps they had. He became the leading role in their lives and the lives of the family he graced.

Life was made short and sweet for him, leaving this prairie at the age of sixty-three, the hard life had taken it’s toll on his poor heart. Enjoy what you have had and not what you don’t have, and he was regaled by his family for the good he had done for them. The funeral director spoke to a young man after his visitation, whom he thought, might be a close relative from his similar appearance. He did not sign the registry, but spent a great deal of time in with the body. Was this the son never seen in twenty-two years, nobody will ever know other than he and his father. Their spirits joined again, and were carried for a moment on a gentle prairie breeze.



We sometimes forget the tremendous value of love
And what makes it happen in the first place
Often when we set it aside and lose track
Of our happiness of many years forgotten
It will shrivel like an overripe apple
And slowly decay away because we let it happen
And could have very easily stopped it
From ever happening with love and forgiveness.


  1. That sale barn is awesome, it would make a great house.
    Loved the story. So sad that he never reconnected with his son.

  2. Beautiful photography. Is that Miss Lily again?

  3. always very interesting capture an deer...congratulations!

  4. I have enjoyed this post, Steve. My own childhood was riddled with pain. But a few years ago, I decided I would not live in anger or bitterness... that it was time to forgive for the good of my own heart. It took a lot of work, but there is sweetness now, even if there will never be a real father. My heart sings lightly, because I needn't carry the heavy burden of absence any longer.


  5. Yes, that is some old barn and what a great home it could be. Enjoyed this post and yesterday's as well.

  6. Is that an old apple barn? Fantastic shape!
    Love the story Steve....

  7. What a wonderful post!
    And that is one beautiful yet sad story.

    That house looks like one I would love to venture into ....and listen to the past and the secrets!

    Wonderful captures!!

  8. Amazing barn.....would you mind if I painted it?

  9. Wow. Great story. It is truly beautiful.

    The tree photograph looks like half of a man's face turned sideways. Quite weird.

  10. "Out On The Prairie" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  11. Well, darn! Blogger ate my comment from last night! :-/

    Even the story was sad, your 'words' were amazing! I really love the pictures! I would love to redo that barn into a home. It would be so awesome!

    Have a Fantastic weekend!!

  12. such a touching post!
    so true, with love and forgiveness, we could stop our loved ones from slipping away.

  13. Hi There, Thanks for coming to my blog.... Kelly (Red and peanut) is a good friend. I am the one who told her about the Moonbow... She went --after we had missed it--and she SAW it.... Lucky Gal.. We will go back.

    LOVE your blog. Hope you come back to mine. I certainly am enjoying yours. Your photos are marvelous --and that story is awesome... It was sad though since son and father never connected until the father's death... TOO bad that we humans let things like that keep us apart....

    That barn is awesome. It would make a great home... I'd love it...

    Thanks again, Steve.

  14. Sad, but true. A heartfelt story. Life is too short to go through it angry and loosing touch with family, especially a parent/child relationship.

    Love the sales barn ~ it would be a great house!

  15. many sad stories like that unfortunately. I love that barn it would make a wonderful home.

  16. another great story and photos. thanks for sharing.


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