Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My True Love

Sunset over the Neil Smith National Wildlife Preserve, over 8,000 acres of restored prairie.

Why does this guy go by the name , Rascal?

Many of you heard about our constant rains and floods. The dead trees look like toothpicks set way above current lake levels.

Christmas Cactus a little early.

Family growth and spirit is what made this land what it is. Neighbor caring about neighbor, always offering a helping hand. Trust we have found in each other has drawn us all closer. We all have came from another land to form one great country. It is the combined cultures and beliefs that make us as we are.

When man first entered this part of the world it was a pristine wilderness, ruled by nature. We provided a series of interruptions creating different problems, by not applying our love to live with the love of our land. Habitats have been changed drastically leaving desolation in a number of species. We have barely scratched the surface on our repairs needed and all need to be concerned how they can make things as they were.

We are all stewards of the land destined to survive if we work at building back our land and finding newer ways to feed this earth. With constant demand carried by our growth, we need to look at all alternatives to producing food without depreciating our land so hard. When we expand our cities we need to understand the depth of hardship we are providing by taking away agricultural areas.

Go into the prairie and listen to the song being carried on the winds and waters. It has been sung for centuries, developed through man’s experiences and spiritual development. New ideas are being created and exchanged with past thoughts and feelings from the spirit. We need to step out and go to where no person has gone before working at rebuilding our wonderful prairies. What was once a pristine ocean of grasses and flowers can be reborn if we want to take the time and work on it to our fullest potentials. Once again we can listen to the songbird singing out their happiness to be part of the land again. This song blends with the rustle of leaves, entwined with the song of life, carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

Where do we stand
When society turns away
How do we respond
To our feelings
In any other way
But with love
From our hearts.


  1. got me with all of these.
    Some of your photos almost take my breath away.
    Thanks for sharing them!

  2. "Where do we stand
    When society turns away"

    A question for the ages.

    Beautiful shots as usual!

  3. Wow Steve, Your photos are FABULOUS...... I can't pick a fav since they are all great... Love the sunset ones --but that reflection on the water is awesome... AND--all of the sky pictures are incredible... I'm just SO impressed. I signed up to follow your blog... Looking forward to many more great posts..
    P.S. My Christmas cactus bloomed early last year --and doesn't look like it is going to bloom at all this year. Duh!!!!!

  4. This post is utterly stunning!

  5. magnificent sunset!! the colors are great! regards

  6. Everyone of these pictures is a treasure... they are breathtaking. There is such a light over the prairie as I have never found anywhere else, and I have travelled the world extensively. Do keep writing about your beloved prairie, because there is no other such place on earth.

  7. I give up, whey does he go by the name Rascal? :)
    I used to have a Christmas cactus, it would bloom twice a year. once around easter and again around this time of year. If only I was better with plants I would still have it.

  8. Rascal is one of my given to me cats, and really huge. If I leave a coat or anthing new laying around he tries to make it a bed.He gets into trouble often, like being shut in a closet, or being playful with many things he finds around the house you don't want him to have.

  9. I feel so repetitive saying your photos are beautiful but they are. Rascal doesn't look very rascally (if that's a word). My cactus isn't blooming this year either.

  10. Lake Rathbun looks like a beautiful area, Steve! I googled it, but can you direct me to any other photo websites where I can see more of it?

  11. great shots. Especially the sky photos.
    Thanks for your comments on my art blog and for following me and my wilderness adventures

  12. Steve, your oost stated the need to work at rebuilding the prairies and how these once beautiful areas could be reborn, but as I see it there are not many that would want to take the time and effort to do this.

    Your photos are great examples of the beauty all around us.

  13. Beatrice, you would be surprised how many people work to develop our land that many of us enjoy.Many of the projects I have worked with have many devoted people, many who devote their whole life and education to this ideal.A lot of the beauty around us has been rebuilt.

  14. Such lovely photos and prose. I'm glad you stopped by my blog (and so very kindly to those mentioned in my Posts of the Week) so that I could find yours in return.

  15. LOVE Rascal!!!Hahahaa....And LOOK at those Chemtrails!!! Good Lord!!
    Great story to go with the photos!!
    Happy weekend!

  16. Beautiful pictures!!!! Loved them all!!
    ~ Coreen

  17. Your photos are beautiful! You have a talent.

  18. great post and photos, what an excellent sky and adorable little cat friend :)


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