Monday, November 29, 2010

A Light In The Forest

With snow nearing I enjoy getting out in the woods after all the brush has died back making it easier to get through the dense growth. There is a new area to explore and some interesting finds while out. The picture below is my current screensaver, a combination of leaves under water and the reflection of the tree that dropped some of them. I found some interesting growths on the trees while enjoying a good hike.

Certain dogs had to get at my level while I was shooting a few birds.I laughed when I turned around to see her at about six foot, climbing a fallen tree like it was something she always had maybe done. This is where her name turns to Nosey Rosey from Lily.There still is a variety of colors to enjoy, even late in the year.

Female Junco

With the rut season near it's end, it gets harder to find the bucks and their harem. Finding a group of does more than four will tell you one is nearby however. I passed the does sleeping and circled back around searching for the antlered fellow. Coming back near the same place this buck appeared to see who was bothering his ladies. It was a short encounter with the does heading down a draw and toward deeper woods across a steep ravine near a lake.The buck stayed around and then realized they were out of sight and took off fast.


  1. Oh my goodness, what beauty! I adore the variety of images captured with the fungus on the trees. How stunning! and the various patterns within each!
    Again, I aspire to be you...makes me want to go for a walk with my camera!
    Thanks for adding brightness to my morning!

  2. Fabulous pictures, Steve... Looks like winter is on its way!!!!! Love seeing your sweet little doggie --helping you out, out there in the woods!!!!! ha

    Great picture of all of the 'fungus' growth on the trees... As much as I don't like that 'stuff' --it does make for some great photos...

    Great pictures of the deer also.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  3. Isn't Mother Nature Wonderful?? No telling What you might discover out there in the woods!!
    Love the photos!!

  4. Beautiful autumn images and scenes.

  5. Great pictures. Fungus can be so interesting when you look closely, as you did. And the dog is adorable and the deer beautiful.

  6. As much as I like summer it's rather nice what you can see in the fall when all the leaves have fallen from the trees. It opens up a whole new world. Lily looks like she was enjoying herself.I bet her and Duke would make quite a pair

  7. looks like you had a fun time exploring. Love those fungi - so many of them! I really like the last few, the upwards shot. Very cool. Adorable pup too!

  8. Love the closeups of the fungi on the trees. The textures are so interesting. And good catch of the deer -- you must have been vewy, vewy quiet to snap those photos.

    That Lily must have some cat in her to be able to climb those fallen trees. Good girl! :)

  9. Beautiful flora and fauna in these images. I especially love that first tree. The light shining through it almost looks like a glowing heart.

  10. I love the patterns made by are those mushrooms(?) on the trees? A lovely walk in the woods. Will you bake the birds into blackbird pie?

    And Steve... I sure would love to see a picture of that spruce you decorated in front of your house! :)

  11. Very beautiful serie of photos. I like very much the first one. I looked at outside this morning through the window, but no deer.
    Over here this morning it is so cold that everyhing is white this morning.

  12. Lovely shots! Lots of fungi, eh? :D

  13. Beautiful photos ,you certainly did find some amazing growths, and even a rare tree climbing dog :O)

  14. Splendid walk in the woods~Thank you for taking us along~Love, love, love the shelf fungi....gail

  15. What a wonderful walk through the winter woods, the magnificient views through the trees and the very gorgeous close ups on the funghi..!!!!

    Very sympatic, your little black curly friend, so sweet!
    I love the fabulous shot of the two deers looking between the trees right straight into the camera....WHAT A WONDERFUL IMAGINE!!!!!

    The lovely young male shot is amazing....WONDERFUL!

    Have a great week!
    ciao ciao elvira

  16. Great beauty in everything when viewed through your lens!


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