Friday, November 12, 2010

A Holiday Tale

A walk along Maple Avenue, a rather unique little street in a small college town, Ames.
I had some time to share before I met with some people and enjoyed examining a neighborhood I had never been in. There were a variety of fun things to find and see on a gorgeous day. When I started enjoying the late fall color I got to a corner and laughed seeing the street sign on a street covered by its name, Maple.

I loved the arch over the sidewalk of these tree branches.

She grew up in lovely rolling hills, her father a farmer. Droves of cattle used to come to the west of them, the end of a railway, and end of a long ride for the cowboys. They had six children, all who remained close throughout their lives. They were held with that legacy of sharing and caring that has been enriched on this prairie with the variety of peoples migrating in.

For the holiday her father hitched up their sleigh to the team of draft horses. It would be a joyful ride to her Grandmothers for a feast and giant family celebration, for all had large families. They always went out and cut their own tree, decorating it with a delight of decorations and adornments both old and new. Santa showed up this year telling the children they were welcome to join him for deliveries. His sleigh was parked just out behind the chicken shed he told them. He was barely able to disappear before a joyous niece could get her clothing all on.

At church that night gifts were brought to be passed out to the children, and placed in the tree. The children were in delight to see this wonderful tree so full and tried to imagine what looked like something for them. Her mother leaned over and asked her what she wanted. She pointed to a tiny doll sitting high up in the tree. Dolls had been a favorite and would follow her through her life. When they reached up and picked the doll, she was overjoyed to hear her name called. She held that doll close to her heart for years before graciously surrendering it to a sister.

The ride home was illustrious. The stars made a sparkling parade down the road for them to follow. Ice fairies skipped behind enjoying the laughter and songs. She lay her head on her mothers chest and could hear the beating of her heart, blending with the clomping of the horses and was lulled to sleep, clutching a most beautiful doll, sharing love with all in the sleigh. The strength in this night was family tradition and compassion for each other. They had held true to this feeling for generations and tonight was a wonderful night to share and enjoy their love for each other. No need was ever to be left unattended if any could offer that helping hand. Their cheer was carried far and near on a gentle prairie breeze.

We all have our way to celebrate the end of the year
Because each of us has came from far and near
Carrying along holiday traditions and lots of good cheer
Passed through the different ranks of families
For eternal happiness throughout the centuries.


  1. ...beautiful autumn photos. Are you going to pull all of your writings together in a book? I thought this sentence was especially pretty: "Ice fairies skipped behind enjoying the laughter and songs."

  2. A lovely autumn walk down maple street. Love the story also, I've always wished that Christmas could be more like that and less about the spending

  3. What a beautiful and unassuming street. Did you see any houses for sale? :)

  4. Hi Steve, we also live on a street named Maple so the post was very fitting. And the sweet tale of the family's Christmas very sweet. I enjoy the season, but wish it would not be so rushed to start right after summer and even before Halloween.

  5. lovely leaves... they are long gone now. it's time for the waiting game... for the next fall.


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