Monday, November 1, 2010

New Frontiers

Charming little home
Why have they let you be
Sitting all lonely and sad
Out on the prairie
You served many years
For families in the past
Your happiness glows
And continues to last.

Coming from Poland, they had found a farm through a relative near three coalmines that looked good to them. They worked the farm raising the necessary capital and equipment to start their own mining operation. They were brothers, but called the odd couple since they were absolute opposites in appearance. They enjoyed cooking and often hosted dinner parties at their home. Everyone hoped they would fix their various forms of dumplings including the stuffed ones, a meal could be made on them alone.

Some considered these brothers rather standoffish and aloof, but it was their poor language adaptation and speech barrier that through the years slowly improved. The slang used in the area was terribly different from the proper English they had heard in Europe. Being good cooks kept a variety of guests in their home, which helped break this terrible language barrier.
They worked hard at their mining, having a huge vein going through their property. Their expansion of the business was slow and spontaneous.
They adapted well to this beautiful prairie life. The land gave her bounty at the expense of being massively scarred. Hills became new hills of till in another area, and the landscape changed in a rather uncommon phase. What had once massive oceans, became massive forests to produce the basic components to form this coal being extracted. These forests returned to ocean, oceans of grasses and flowers as far as the eye could see. The prairie winds carried this story in a chant, somewhat a form of song, which makes up the song of life. This is always carried on the gentle prairie breeze, on the petals of flowers, and on the blades of mighty grasses.

Where must we look to find happiness
Do we need to really search
Or just go with what our heart tells us
And find everlasting love for each other?


  1. Happiness -so elusive for many.
    Especially beautiful shots today, I really enjoyed them. Specifically, the thorns on the tree, the old house, and the sun shining by the cross... oh there's just too many to name!

  2. I am absolutely in love with that little forlorn house! Do you think it's for sale???
    I feel like it has quite the stories of its own to tell us.....

    Beautiful captures!

  3. What a cool looking house that is. I can imagine that it must have looked quite grand in it's younger days. How sad that it's sitting there abandoned now

  4. That's a beautiful old house. Wonder what stories it might have to tell??


  5. Your Prairie stories are fun to read and very informative too.

    I love old houses, and barns, etc,,and often wonder at the stories they could tell....

  6. Beautiful pictures and interesting story. The message at the end.. was Wonderful! I've written and totally believe in following our hearts!

    I'm very impressed! Thanks for sharing! ~ Coreen

  7. Love the story Steve! AND great photos!! Love the bird! And the house! And....Hahaaa...ALL of them!
    Sweet night to you!

  8. when I see old houses like this one abandoned I wonder how many memories are still there

  9. The search for happiness, the longing for it, can be so powerful; for there are so many definitions of what happiness is. Is it finding the right person to share life with? Finding the right place to live? The right house, the right funds, the right community of friends? Or is it simply finding the deep happiness of being at peace with yourself and with the life that has opened out before you... all questions I ask myself over and over again. Sometimes I wish I could lay my body out under your great prairie sky and let those questions be lost upon your "prairie breeze".

  10. what courage it would take to start over in a country that spoke a different language. That was a beautiful story and house. What kind of thorns are they?

  11. beautiful photos...i see you have a photo with a hawk...great catch

  12. Lovely set of photos. Your cross with the beams of light is simply magical, inspiring, beautiful!

  13. These gents were pioneers in their own right. Seeking a living in an unknown place and reaching out to neighbors for friendship. They sound like the kind of neighbor we might all like to have, although I wouldn't want a coal mine next door.

  14. beautiful story and old house! regards!

  15. Always listen to and go to where the heart calls, there is no other viable choice. I love your words, and what your sharp eye sees through the lens - I am very happy to make your acquaintance, I have a good feeling perhaps we may become friends (smile).

  16. I love that old house! They sure don't make them like they used to. I'd love to take a walk inside.

  17. Beautiful old house, bet it has some storied to tell.

  18. wonderful poem. that old house is gorgeous despite it's present condition. it tells a lot of wonderful stories as well just by the look of it.


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