Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is snowing today

The flowers that share their beauty
Are still with us, morphed to astound
Delicate petals, long gone, litter the ground
As the first snow starts to fall so softly
I remember each one and how it was
Giving me spirit and growth so profound
I have a hard time leaving this hallowed ground
And I always thank the area I have visited
Thoughts and blessings are carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

First ice on a small pond.

Sand art by willow roots and wind.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Light In The Forest

With snow nearing I enjoy getting out in the woods after all the brush has died back making it easier to get through the dense growth. There is a new area to explore and some interesting finds while out. The picture below is my current screensaver, a combination of leaves under water and the reflection of the tree that dropped some of them. I found some interesting growths on the trees while enjoying a good hike.

Certain dogs had to get at my level while I was shooting a few birds.I laughed when I turned around to see her at about six foot, climbing a fallen tree like it was something she always had maybe done. This is where her name turns to Nosey Rosey from Lily.There still is a variety of colors to enjoy, even late in the year.

Female Junco

With the rut season near it's end, it gets harder to find the bucks and their harem. Finding a group of does more than four will tell you one is nearby however. I passed the does sleeping and circled back around searching for the antlered fellow. Coming back near the same place this buck appeared to see who was bothering his ladies. It was a short encounter with the does heading down a draw and toward deeper woods across a steep ravine near a lake.The buck stayed around and then realized they were out of sight and took off fast.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happiness on a gentle prairie breeze

I went out for a hike, it was a balmy 25 degrees, and my treat to have been thankful for was the sighting of this Pileated Woodpecker(you may have to enlarge the picture) pictured in this first picture. It was a first time to see this gorgeous bird, but very hard to get close. I sat for a long time, having it flit and tease me to no end. While waiting a good friend,White-breasted Nuthatch stopped by to offer some of its beauty and cheer.Happiness can be right in front of us and all we have to do is open our eyes a little more and realize what we have.Of course I was bursting at the seams to share mine, and never saw a soul while enjoying one of my favorite state parks to bird in.I lose track of time too easy when enjoying myself in nature, and it is hard to go home, although I am home in my environment. With the holidays upon us, we need to look at what we have to help us enjoy the season bestowed upon us. It takes so little to make one happy, and doesn't really have to be much. Share a little love with all around you, as I do with my writing and pictures with you and many others.

This old town made me think of a Clint Eastwood film where he had the residents paint the town red. It is very complete, and a charm to be found out on the prairie while traveling.

This mighty oak has the round shape making it look like one massive tree, but was actually three. The beauty of the prairie changes so drastically with every season.

A greeter at a farm I stopped at to shoot a few pictures.

The original wooden farmhouse behind the newer one. Many homes were made of sod until they built a newer home, often ordered from a catalog. Often you see a few homes together suggesting life made good, and perhaps families growing and sharing their happiness still as a larger family unit.

A prairie rose.

Some fall colors to still be found.

Three weeks later, even after some rain , happiness holds strong.

I'm getting pretty good at queuing the flying dog shots. Happiness is freedom enjoyed out on the prairie.
Oh deer!