Saturday, October 2, 2010


A weakened Mourning Cloak butterfly, eager to restore it's energy.

When I heard your voice
It was like flowers in the air
Your fragrance is my choice
Then in all the suddenness
A prairie wind blew to me
Your kiss at dawn
Loving and compassionately.

A crossing point for Mormons headed west along the Des Moines River.

White-breasted Nuthatch

One of the best moments in their life was coming into this new land. Jobs had supplied all of their family with a wealth never thought of in their homeland. It was sad since you worked much harder and under even worse conditions. She shared the moon with her husband and held on to his hand tightly. This was a momentous evening and she so enjoyed what they shared with each other. The night drifted away into the darkness of the setting moon and the approach of dawn. Night's hair streaked the new sky and added a drift in thoughts shared with all who listened.

Peace and tranquility covered the prairie spreading their message of love. Their thoughts melded with the happiness of others. The flowers smiled as the grasses danced to the wind. A gentle song, a chant with elegance enveloped the prairie and repeated the wonderful story of life. It was a sweet song that caught their feelings as they kissed on their veranda. A wailing coyote pack announced their presence and shared the night with a gentle thought of tranquility, their stomachs fatefully full, and it was carried on the prairie winds.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I could sit all day and take in the view of that crossing point on the river

  2. I haven't visited for a few days - and you have some lovely photos in the meantime. I love that little white-breasted nuthatch - different from the ones we have here.

  3. You really have a knack for finding interesting subjects to photograph!
    I'm learning so much about life (past and present)on the prairie from your photos and stories. Oh...I also enjoy your beautiful poetry.

  4. I never know what I'm going to find when I visit your prairie. It is, in a sense, an addiction - your words, your photographs, and I keep coming back for more.

    I can only imagine the full view of the river. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

  5. Have I told you how happy your pictures make me? Now make it your mission to find the perfect barn and take a picture of it and I might just marry you.

  6. Terrific pictures. I look forward to visiting your blog everytime you post!


  7. wonderful post, how did you get the photo of the train cars?

  8. These are INCREDIBLE captures!
    Just beautiful!

    your newest follower,


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