Monday, October 11, 2010

Turn Around

When I think of you
I imagine the brightest stars
The most beautiful and brilliant moons
Self-fulfilling sunsets and sunrises
And life everlasting filled with love.

This next one is an owl catching a snake.

Coming out of the kill floor he slipped and fell, striking his head. Feeling dazed they sent him home, where he collapsed with a stroke. He did not come around and passed quietly. This was a turn for the worst since they were ready to move at the end of the week. They had purchased a small farm and were going back to the simple life. Now she would have to decide what to do.

She went to talk to her banker first. He assured her that he could sell the property, and had another buyer, but could not guarantee the price. She told him to start the sale progress. This was to be their dream home, now it would only be a dream. She lost half of what they had placed down, but had to accept the offer.

She decided to leave this area, she had already said her good-byes to the land and home. Moving her belongings to the train station she had everything shipped to the West Coast, to live with her sister. Before boarding she looked out over the fields and took one last smell of what had been their home for many years. A gentle prairie breeze caressed her cheek, and kissed her goodbye.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the one of the snake and owl!


  2. wonderful leave would be hard...for the dream only lives if she stays

  3. What beautiful pictures! You have showed a perfect example of fall.

  4. Once again I've come by to enjoy your stunning photos.

  5. stunning colors and photos and sad post

  6. Oh yes! There is Howard's cousin! Did he catch the snake? Amazing how he was able to spot that from so far away. Great shot!

    I didn't eat the mushroom. Have never tried them before.

  7. Sad but true, once the packing houses came on the scene it was a very unregulated and dangerous profession.Upton Sinclair wrote, "The Jungle", in 1906 to relay the atrocities.Yes, Sheri it grabbed that snake quick, I was more excited than when I was catching fish earlier.Some people only think they hunt at night.I liked Howard at your work, hope he rehabs okay.

  8. Beautiful shots!!! I too, love the owl and the snake!! Fantastic photo...
    What a way to have your dream end up....sad.

  9. Your story resonated strongly with me. Beautiful and haunting at the same time.

    All your photographs are beautiful, but my favorite is the first one. It is breath taking.

  10. Lovely autumn colours and scenes here.

  11. goodbyes are always sad. it's had to leave especially if you love the place and the people you will leave behind. your photos are gorgeous.


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