Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Paths

I liked the virgo streaking through the clouds and reflecting in the lake.

I draw and build hearts a lot when I am out, I am Golden Heart Productions so you may have noticed hearts in my photography before. Leaf sculptures are fun to play with.

Before they had moved here, they had lived near one of the five largest cities of the world. Now they worked with bare essentials and belongings, just to celebrate a good life it seemed. It just took longer to acquire basic luxury items, easily procured back home. What one is used to is hard to change. Kidney pie could be served for any meal he thought, if one could just get them. Many of the Welsh miners made a small pie that often was all vegetable with some having lamb or mutton in them. A woman’s way to a man’s heart is a piece of pie or through the fourth and fifth rib.

He had bought into two other coal mines and kept them going almost all year. Erie was the work whistle, at a non-break time, to announce an injury. He tried his best to offer the best work conditions, because he knew his families well. Heartbreaking it was to extend his solemn condolences to a family, it was very personal.

He knew to well the struggles and trials of the families he employed. Many of the wives had came in pleading for the check, before it was spent in a tavern or gambled away. He settled a number of discomforts in families, with many of them using him for a number of personal matters. He became their father and they his children. He was also a cherished husband and wonderful father to his own family. His relationship with everyone kept a harmony in his life that he really enjoyed. It worked wonders with his business, and he prospered well.

His wife felt she had accommodated well, since her main duty was their children. She ruled the house and he the business, but she often helped him with various duties. Her job was around the clock, but she enjoyed all that she did. She had met a few ladies who all liked to garden and formed a somewhat ladies garden club with the exception of one man. Her ideas and design became a big hit, and they all enjoyed each other’s plants. Often at night, she and her husband sat and watched the sunset on the meadow behind the mine. It had transformed into a beautiful garden on its own. Each day could be different, and they enjoyed the closeness of this returned prairie. A gentle prairie breeze enjoyed holding them, and sang a song of life to enrich each of their spirits.
Where did the ghost of prairie past go
How are we ever to find out or know
Unless we go that extra mile and enjoy
That beautiful prairie scenery
That makes me love it so.


  1. I loved your story this afternoon. It made me reflect on my journey today. I loved your photos, as usual, but my favorite was the one with the bench. Oh the stories one could imagine.

  2. the ghost of the Prairie still exists it's just getting harder to find...great shots..:)

  3. A beautiful place to be.
    Love your heart composition.

  4. As always I thoroughly enjoyed the photos. I think I could sit for hours on that bench and just stare out into whatever lies beyond. I really love the leaf sculpture. So pretty

  5. Your hearts are wonderful. When I was near Iowa last week, I noticed the leaves were browner than I remember them. The summer must not have been conducive to flaming fall color this year - still, your prairie is the land of my heart. I could sit and dream forever there...

  6. This is a great story. Love the photographs. You always manage to find really great photos to go with your stories!


  7. Loved the story! And I Love the Golden Heart you built!!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Your story reminds me of a Lee Smith book I read years ago. It took place at a southern coal mine.
    I love the heart of leaves and the pretty fall colors.

  9. beautiful story,wonderful images!! great reflections and tones!! best regards

  10. Beautiful photos. I agree with floweringmama. The bench one is a favorite, as is the placid water in the one after it.

  11. Fantastic captures of such breathtaking beauty! I do love your heart composition! Nothing like the glory of autumn! Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment, always appreciated!


  12. That bench is a classy place to sit, I go year round. It is out on the lake at my conservation club and I have watched a geen heron across from there for 3 years.Thank you all for some great input.

  13. ...loved the story, and I loved the heart too!

  14. You have beautiful images here.They make me want to feel the prairie breeze.Your story is like your photos,warm and left me wanting more.
    "Sang a song of Life"...really beautiful.Warmest Regards,Cat

  15. life is indeed tough regardless of the era. struggles are also part and parcel of one's existence. but then love will always make life easier.


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