Monday, October 4, 2010

My 100th Post

I wasn't sure how to start this, perhaps with a marching band.

Stories told and heard from out on the prairie , and the exploits of a tiny dog and man.

Fishing stories, perhaps about the one that got away. Catching two at a time, what is a guy suppose to say?

Artsy, craftsy, I share my experiences all the time.

My love for the outdoors and nature, sometimes gets a rhyme.

So I hope to say , see you again next time. Thank you for joining in on my fun.


Fairies pushed back flowers to watch him work so patiently. He drew pictures, took photos, praised the sunrises and enshrined the sunsets. Part of him had joined this prairie, a spiritual sharing and caring for each other with passion. It was the land that time did change, this formation he was at was called a kettle. Part of a glacier broke off, and where it lay created a depression with its weight. When it melted the sediments, rocks and minerals all settled in and around this depression forming a doughnut shaped hill, in the middle of a flatland. He stretched his arms out, palms to the heavens, and asked for happiness for all that knew and loved him. He thanked his prairie for a wonderful envelopment of cleared thoughts and feelings.

Coming home that evening he began to finish a watercolor, one he had worked on of the area he had just been. He thought who he might share it with, and smiled envisioning their reaction. When he did pass it on it received hardly any reaction, so he felt he had chosen unwisely, yet still stayed affirmed with his decision. They should enjoy the moment spent together, working on this same specimen, only in different mediums, watercolor and photo. He worked on another painting and selection of photos, hoping for recognition, and barely got a grunt.

Maybe he was barking up the wrong tree and worked on the most magnificent cottonwood he had ever found. They were known as sites for your spirit to go, and he felt strong with this find. He looked it up to see if it was on a great tree registry, finding it was very close. He could go around it almost four times with his arms stretched out. He took this person to the site and enjoyed its magnificence, but never shared anymore artwork with them. It was one of his finer specimen illustrations, but he kept it for himself. It became fond memories of a new romance with a prairie, a small piece of love to enjoy.

He went here often, watching a fun, tiny warbler species in abundance flit around and the changes in this land next to a lake. The water offered tranquility and solace, with an occasional speedboat making waves. He sat on a dock with a nice bench to look across the water. Burning a twist of cedar bark, he gave recognition to the sun, moon, stars and life, sending the smoke to the four winds. A pelican swam close with its mate in synchronous pattern. They moved so fluidly he was hypnotized with the motion, and impassioned with thoughts of their devotion to each other.
He biked around the lake the next day. You could ride one lap, two laps or four, which equaled twenty-five miles each lap. He chose the lesser of the ride and fully enjoyed himself. While daydreaming along the route he stepped into a lane a tandem had chosen. They swerved around him and thanked him for not killing them. They were the first riders he had seen in over a mile. It reminded him of inadvertently stepping into the bike lanes in Europe taking pictures or sizing up shots. When he stepped in front of a bike even though he didn’t always understand them, he was sure the word tourist was used with an adverb.

He went out dancing with a group of friends from the laboratory, and shared his story of the ride taken earlier. They went and jumped into the lake from the bar dock to cool down and acted like children playing in the gentle lake. A breeze stirred from deep within the prairie, and caught the glee from their evening, and shared with all that knew how to listen.
He knew not the words to describe her
She sat on his lap to invite him
To tenderly caress her entire body
And share the warmth of her affections
And then the cat just walked away.


  1. a marching band is definitely called for here. Congrats on 100 posts, and looking forward to the next 100:)

  2. I think Cake..something as significant as a 100 post celebration definitely calls for a double chocolate fudge cake.... :)

  3. Congrats on your 100th post! Now, what will you do in the next 100??


  4. Steve,
    You deserve a marching band to celebrate your 100th post. I'm so glad you decided to share your wonderful photos and writing via a blog.
    BTW...loved this story about "you know who".:)
    Congratulations dear friend! Well done!!!

  5. happy 100th post! how fun is that?! ;)

  6. congratulation for 100th post!! succes!

  7. Congratulations for your 100th post !

  8. Congratulations on your 100th post! :)

    The story above is about you, isn't it? I could be wrong... but IF it is then that means you paint as well. I've always loved painting but I'm just hopeless at it. Watercolor is my favorite medium. Maybe one day we'll all be lucky to see your painting. :)

  9. Yes this story is me, at a biological lab on Lake Okibodji.This is a cumulative lab with the state universities working with wetland and prairie projects, called Lakeside Lab, over a century old.Blues where's that cake, I could use a piece for breakfast.

  10. Congratulation! loved the post, I have a cat like that too.

  11. Congratulations! I've enjoyed your prairie visions. Another of my favorites is Hayden Prarie south of us near Lime Springs, Iowa. Dr Hayden was, I believe the first woman PhD at Iowa State.

  12. Nice post and a fitting commemorative for your 100th post. You seem to have gathered quite a following. Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations on your 100th post! I enjoyed the variety of photos.

  14. Thank you again. Troutbirder, the Hayden Prairie is the largest remanent left in the state, and on National registry.It was preserved back in the 40's with about 240 acres.There are some interesting sinkholes to explore in that area also, along with a few trout streams,Coldwater starts out of a side of a tall cliff.

  15. Congrats on 100! That is wonderful!!!

    Yes, I would love that file of the barn! Thanks so much!

  16. Congratulations on your 100 posts! I saw your link at Snap Edit Scrap. I love your photos. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos.

  17. Congrats on your 100th. Love the story..

  18. WOOHOO!! Congratulations and I look forward to another 100!

  19. Oh You posted it all wonderfully for your 100th!!!
    All the pictures are perfect for this occasion....glad you started it with a marching band!!

  20. congratulations on your 100th post. thank you for sharing 100 interesting adventure, experiences, photos and thoughts. cheers to the next 100 posts.


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