Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loving Matters

Wild turkeys

Some flowers are just as pretty dry as fresh.

This little chipmunk had its cheeks full, storing food for winter. This is for a friend of mine in Michigan, recouping from an accident, who loves all God's creatures, big and small.

It all began at an early age for him, working coal mines as a boy. When he came to this new land with his brothers, they hoped for a new life in this land of plenty. They bought two hundred forty acres, adding on another forty-eight later. His wife ran the family and farming operations and he the mines with his brothers. She cared for seventy-eight head of cattle, chickens and milk cows, selling cream and eggs.

The coal mine had three ponies that performed the work of hauling all out of a mine. They loved day old bread, and even liked it buttered with the sweet butter his wife made. He bought all he could find from local bakeries to keep these ponies content. Everyone that worked in his mine was a child of his. He respected his workers with the best conditions he could provide, and these little ponies were part of his lifeblood.

Family unity and spirit were often offered on the gentle prairie breeze. This family shared in the same labors and prospered well. Their tiny parcel gave them a place to have a home, farmland to provide additional foods and income, and three of the finest mines to be worked, deep into Mother Earth and perhaps the unknown.

Families enjoyed a beautiful meadow area left undisturbed behind the big mine. They would bring picnics to this area to enjoy the beautiful floral displays that forever changed. Children made bouquets, necklaces, and headbands with the flowers as their parents enjoyed a time of sharing. The food always tasted better in the open like this. Even the simplest sandwich found new flavors, the collections of happiness were often shared on prairie winds, spreading their wealth of spirit.

Clouds rolled past them to the west, a massive storm with lots of lightening. The eastern sky lit up with the sunset in the west’s spectacular display of brilliant colors. The storm was close enough to hear, but rolled over the pastel plain. A gentle wind listened to the children’s playfulness and carried some of it away to share with all whom listen.
I’m a stranger
Who listens well
To everything
What people have
To share and tell
I pass on love
For this gracious land
That we all enjoy together.


  1. Another month or so and those turkeys better find a good hiding place :)
    That must be your friend Ratty. I bet he'll love the chipmunk.

  2. great post. Great written word. Is that your family?
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Was definitely getting behind on getting something out.

  3. Lovely pictures. I enjoyed the story as well! Keep writing!


  4. That poem is you, Steve..."listening well to what people have to tell." I wonder... have you considered compiling a collection of short prairie stories or interviews? You might focus on the inner life and strength of prairie dwellers...and where that comes from. There is a distinct feel of patriotism and the pioneer-spirit to your writing... well, in any case, I love it. Cheers.

  5. Great post. I noticed the beautiful heart and well wishes to your friend. I've never seen a chipmunk, what a great shot!

  6. I must admit I'm not much for poems, but I really like this one. And the story is lovely; you paint pictures with your words.

  7. Hello Steve, enjoyed the photos and most of all the story - is this from a personnel recollection from a family member, or your wonderful creative mind? Thanks for visiting our blog and your comments too. I have been getting a little behind on blog reading while we are on this month-long Maine road trip. But always wonderful to visit for awhile.

  8. I love the last few verses. They are very true to me. I am a stranger in this foreign land too and I have learned to adopt to this new land that accepted me.

  9. Great post.
    I really like the bridge photo!!

  10. again a beautiful story..and good photos! i like Wild turkeys,beautiful birds! best regards!


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