Friday, October 22, 2010

Loving the Land

How could I ever forget
The gentle moments
We have spent
On the prairie
Looking at the moon
And stars realizing
Where we should really be.

Why should you worry about tomorrow when you haven’t even completed today? Life is a continued existence in a variety of experiences. Fill our lungs with songs from the prairie, build your spirit in many different ways. Cast out your woes and sorrows, lift your spirits high, sending them into the heavens at night. I trust you have patterns in your life, to make your life worthwhile.

Go stand in a remnant of our prairies and try to see how it used to be, Heavenly grasses flowing, as far as the eye can see. Expanses of flowers, why didn’t we see this beauty and let it be? We now have changed this landscape so dramatically, how do we ever apologize? It can start with you, and can expand into thousands if we all see what we can do to help cure the lands around us.

Hold your hands out and feel the energy given to us from this land we are part of. Close your eyes and let your thoughts soar, hold this moment as long as you feel it. Share your happiness with others in a chant or prayer, or just ask the prairie to carry it away, on a gentle prairie breeze.

So plain to say
How much I love you
Each and every day
Let me tell you a secret
What kind of secret you say
You are beautiful
And just knowing you
I realize how well
Everything is going my way.


  1. Oh my gosh. You have TOTALLY outdone yourself this time. Your photographs are amazing!!!

  2. Excellent, outstanding, superb even. Love them all.

  3. Beautiful thoughts and the photographs really do show WHY we should love the land. Thanks and hope you go and enjoy the outdoors this weekend, but I have a feeling you already DO.

  4. Love the pictures, especially the old gas station. Is it still in business?


  5. Beautiful message. "Hold this moment as long as you feel it." That so perfectly embodies the way I strive to live. I've come to learn that there is no going back in time, but you can hold on to what is here now for as long as it will stay. Gorgeous first shot of the sun behind those autumn leaves. You've made me miss the prairie today, my friend.

  6. That gas station is now a garden club, not bad for a town of 300.I thought is was a new genre of music.LOL

  7. Yeah! Love the pictures and the thought!

  8. beautiful photos, that isn't bad for a town of 300 some people really care, looks like a great place.

  9. I really like that last poem, a lot! And the old gas station is great.

  10. what a great post- photos and words. very nice! Thanks for the comments on my blog recently. I'm just now getting around to checking out your blog. Great stuff on here!

  11. oh pumpkin... so lovely to look at... so tasty to eat. wink*


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