Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hard Life, Happy Life

Hey need someone to watch your kid, just drop them by.

What he lacked in elegance
He made up with ambiance
He offered her the world
And only seeked her praise
He remade this earth
As it was once made
With love and happiness.

Baby in the Canary Grass peeking.

Bald-faced Hornet nest

An old carriage house .

Working in egg bushiness, she sorted eggs by size and made sure there were no cracks. It was terrible to stand and do the same thing over and over, but put food on her table. A neighbor sat with her children, and helped with a few chores. She worked long hours to get a meager paycheck, and missed her children all day.

At night when she came home her world brightened up, with a warm meal often fixed by her oldest. They talked long after their meal was over, sitting around the table every night. Some nights were a challenge at games and others were just quiet and peaceful. They grew with each other and remained strong as a prairie family. She had tried to farm a bit after her husband left, but it was way too hard by herself so she rented the land out. Money was still tight and she sometimes thought about selling, but her farm was too beautiful to give up.

Standing in the egg line she often dreamed about meeting someone. How nice it is to share your life with someone you love. Meeting this someone was the hard part, especially with two children. She channeled her emotions to what she already had, and tried to enjoy her life to the fullest. One night her mare went into labor, and she sat up all night delivering the new foal. It brought back the magic moment in her life when she had her own children and she sat in the stall hugging the new mother and child. Her children found her asleep in the barn the next morning, the new foal nuzzling in her hair.

How fragile one’s life can be, yet made stronger as a family. It was the strength of families that built up this prairie and made our country strong. It was this determined spirit that made this family feel strong and build their love for each other. It seemed like they had always lived this way to her youngest, having little recollection of her father. Both girls stood on the porch waiting for their mother. When they saw her coming down the road they went running to meet her. The power of their love was swept away on a gentle prairie breeze, and shared with many.

Our world is what we make of it
It never ceases to please me
When I realize all that I have
I never want it to leave me.


  1. there is a purity of life to working and living this way..when you share with someone you love ,work together there is a sense of satisfaction to what ever you accomplish

  2. ...your first photo is priceless!! ..and I love the cute chickadee.

  3. so true, it took a very determined spirit to survive some of the harsh realities of life back them, great photos. I like how the wasp's nests appear when the leaves begin to fall.

  4. Great photos - especially love the deer. Hope that you are well,


  5. I think you would make the perfect babysitter. What kid wouldn't love that? That's some humongous hornet's nest.

  6. Hi Steve,
    Don't be surprised if you find kids at your door steps tomorrow. :)
    I really enjoy your photographs. A blogger friend sent me a blog award and I'd like to pass it on to several bloggers and you are one of them.

  7. Wow, I loved your story tonight. It reminded me of why I do what I do. I loved the leaning barn. It may be leaning but it's still strong.

  8. Who is that lucky kid?:)
    I enjoyed all the photos but the peeking fawn and the Chickadee are my favorites.
    Loved the story. Life may have been hard back then but in many ways I feel it was better than what we have now.

  9. Beautiful photos and beautiful story. I, too, love the leaning barn and the peeking deer.

  10. As usual the photos are beautiful. Very thoughtful story about life on the prairie, it reminded me that some single mom's must be experiencing the same today in this not-so-good economy. You write wonderfully. Thank you.

  11. The slanted building held a railroad switch for the tracks behind. I thought how if it were a home you might have a rather slanted point of view.Thank you Helen for the award, hope everyone reviews the sites you nominated.

  12. :) beautiful image and nice story! best regards

  13. I have little ones who'd fit right in around there. Great photos!

  14. the simplicity of life in the olden days brought the family together and kept them intact. modernity and its many benefits somehow made a crack on the once solid family... sad but true.

    your photos are stunning.


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