Monday, October 18, 2010

Flowers, Faith and Friends

It's nice to have some blooms still in my yard, nights have been getting chilly and a frost near.

This celiosa is over a foot across,and just keeps changing shape.

Her garden club had really flourished, taking in a number of new members. She had started with her Native American friend, who gave her a common wisdom that created many new concepts. They created an oasis on this prairie, yet using many prairie flowers that had been here once before. Her friend's favorite chair still sat in various places about the yard in tribute to her love and spirit. She even named it after this good friend, always letting others enjoy it's comfort.

Between dozens of functions she attended with her husband with the university, her hobby consumed most of her free time. Her newest garden friend had that European flair in her tastes, which enlarged her ideas in her intensive gardening. It was too bad she hadn’t came to many of their meetings lately, she was with child again. Her other cohort in overzealous gardening always came up with new information, books and plants he had found. He remained the only male in their almost ladies garden club for over ten years, and was well liked for his variety of expertise.
She rode out to her friends mines one day and took some nice bedding plants to share. The child was due in a week, and mother was more than ready to cease being in this manner. She planted the flowers while the new mother sat and enjoyed. Their conversation and laughter floated off in a gentle prairie breeze. They walked out into the meadow behind the mine, and saw the flora in a different sense; everything seemed brighter, softer, and more heavenly. It was the happiness of the impending motherhood, dancing with fairies, in this heavenly bloom. The sun slowly set and the two friends found comfort in setting there silently holding hands. A distant chant carried their friendship on its song.

The ride back home under a full moon and bright stars paved a path of happiness, shown by a constant smile on her face. It was a realization how wonderful life can be that beamed down on her tonight. She had found a good friend whom she could share the closest of thoughts, they processed things in the same order, and often came up with the same answers or phrases. She would be back in three days to help deliver the new child, the stars told each other. For their undying friendship this new babe would get her name. Warmth crept over her body as a gentle summer breeze pushed her home, taking her spirit with it over the prairie. She dreamed about traveling through these beautiful heavens and her spirit was set free, on a gentle prairie breeze.
Mother tell me
What life has
In store for me
Give me spirit
So I might
Set myself free
To love all about me.


  1. Beautiful shots. What is the one with the red thorns? Or at least they look like thorns to me.

  2. Sweet photos of Fall flowers,leaves, and the cool Frog.
    I have to say that I find your story about the relationship between two women quite insightful and surprisingly accurate to be penned by a man.
    Great read!

  3. Beautiful photographs.
    Love this prairie story.

  4. beautiful story!! i like this full of colors and joy!

  5. Hello, very lovely story and photos. Thanks you for a lovely start to my day. The frog on the rock was my favorite photo :-) Thanks also for the drop-in to our little blog. Please visit anytime and I will do the same.

  6. There is this wonderfully queer moment just prior to childbirth that oozes of kinship with stars and prairie breezes. I have wondered if it is the brink of letting go of part of your soul... the part that brings another soul into the world. You have captured it insightfully, considering you are a man! You must have had very meaningful experiences.

    You indicated that you once taught school...was that before you became a photojournalist? Can you tell us more about your business now?

  7. All these stories have been taken from interviews, I listen well and take in the lives of people all around me. Psychology was my first degree and Education a second.I am a scientist, so I look at all aspects of everything around me.I was married for 26 years so have had the childbirth first hand three times.

  8. You must have been a very inquisitive child causing your mother to smile to herself often. As usual, beautiful shots. The red thorns look dangerously beautiful.

  9. Oh, I love this story! And the frog on the rock and the golden leaf, so lovely, all of this post!

  10. Great pictures and interesting background on the stories too!

  11. The passion in your words and photographs overwhelms me. So beautiful. I loved the connections to the Native American friend and the prayer at the end. All glowing. Thanks.

  12. I have still some roses in my bckyard, a lot of colored dead leaves in the grass. Sometime I can hear a frog and my Fridn Jacquot, the phaisant.
    Within two day I go on vacation far away in a country wehre all is very green and colored in the same time.
    Read you later !

  13. The photos are an wonderful representation of fall and the story compliments it perfectly. I always look forward to your posts they are peaceful

  14. your words are powerful and your photos are captivating. I love the red thorny plant.


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