Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Falling Up

Leaves falling
Sunlight streaming
Colors changing
Every hue
Cold today
Hot tomorrow
Lets play
Just me and you.

Fall gives us time
To recover from summer
And prepare for winter

I hear a rustle
Movements coming at me
The wind picks leaves up
Swirling them all around me
I turn quickly around to see
A squirrel staring at me.


  1. beautiful photos...greetings my friend :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures and I loved the poem. I have to say though that fall doesn't give me nearly ENOUGH time to prepare for winter :)

  3. I'm still looking for that darn Squirrel!!Hahaa
    LOVE these photos!

  4. the hues of the leaves and the very cool stained glass. Befitting Poem to go with them.

  5. superb captures!! i like very much the reflection!! best regards

  6. Beautiful photos and nice writing.
    My amercain friend says always me "enjoy your fall" because she knows very weel I do not like this season. I like the fall colors but winter comes after and I do not like to be cold.
    This year my Fall will be shorter than the other years.

  7. nice capture of the season..:)

    the soulful touch of autumn wind
    gives light to enjoy
    for just awhile
    but it carries winter's message
    if you listen oh so close

  8. lovely poem matched with lovely photos. it's indeed fall and i always fall in love with fall.


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