Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down The Road

Tiny little Skipper butterfly on some Bonemend.

Tiny remanents of summer

A wishing well?

We fret too much about troubles
When they are so easy to solve
Put a cup of love on top of them
And add a bit of love from above .

How could I ever forget
The gentle moments
We have spent
On the prairie
Looking at the moon
And stars realizing
Where we should really be.

Passion griped his heart so tight it should have burst, but he withdrew enough to catch his breath. When you live in a world of nobodies how could you still be held back from living in grace? It seemed when he thought something was going right it became a wrong and his life took another turnaround. Start from new he had always done, casting off all that prohibited his simplistic pleasures. Make his passion and sorrows turn into wonderful expressions of life and allow them to flow out onto the prairie on that gentle wind. He wished it would, but it haunted him how similar his life’s experiences were to those he eventually played a part in.

Hard times had continued after leaving his family on the prairie. He had a good life but followed his feelings and left all that he really had ever had. Everything he had built for, he suddenly gave up. Was it something he said or the way that he carried himself that brought on this displeasure. Maybe he hadn’t taken out the time to talk to the stars as he had done all through the summer each night. They offered some wisdom or at least solace to his sorrows. There were questions they could not answer for him, he had to live them and they understood his anguish.

He could only think of her and how she had graced his life since the first day that they had met. He could place the moment and memory, tracing his admiration to the very second they looked into each other’s eyes. It was hard not to continue, and he placed these passions into an intense friendship, treasuring the moments spent together as the best times of his life, no matter how trivial. Had he placed too much emotion into this relationship? No matter what was heartfelt and harsh should all be forgiven with love, for love cures all. He thought deep how he could mend his problems, for he could never forget her. His love was carried deep into the prairie and directly to her heart. She sat up with a spurt of energy, and truly believed she could never let him go, and their spirits swirled on a dust-devil, carried high into the heavens on that gentle prairie breeze.

In memory of Bird, I hope they have Harley's in Heaven.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  2. Loved the story and the pictures are great. That's the oddest looking wishing well I've ever seen....lol

  3. they do have Harley's in heaven..:)

  4. lovely photos, that's quite the tree trunk I wonder how that formed. wonderful tribute

  5. I love autumn photographs.
    Nature is so colorful.

  6. impressive story..wonderful nature photos!! best regards!

  7. Oh... I hope they have Harleys in heaven, too. The sting of losing someone, your soulmate, how can you ever get over that? I think of all the people who have lost someone, not only to death, but to separation, choices, from chasing a dream and getting lost along the way, never coming back.

    Of course he had put too much emotion into the relationship...that is why it meant something to him. The kind of relationship that lacks the reckless emotion that cripples you cannot fulfil you, either. Lovely, Steve.

  8. Nice story of love and lost. Harleys may be too noisy for my view of heaven, but that's OK. Nice image of dust devil.

    The photo tour was very well presented as well.


  9. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  10. Beautiful story that tugs at the heart string. I loved your photos today, as usual. You truly have a talent.

  11. MAGNIFICIENT autumn PHOTOGRAPHY...i love all the delicate details; FANTASTIC!!!!!

    You have got a very interesting blog; with FABULOUS photography!!

    Thank you so much for stepping into my Tuscany; i appreciated it very much and thanks for your kind comment!

    ciao ciao elvira


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