Saturday, October 9, 2010

All Of Me

I thought this gnarl looked like a cow.

It’s all about love, happiness and forever, wait it was none of that. He cast off the snow that had covered his sleeping bag. He had put his sweater over the mummy face and stayed comfortable in this vast forest. Others were a bit grumpy from not expecting the snow, after all it was just the start of fall. They had sat around the fire all-night and told stories of their origins. Mysterious breezes enveloped the group and brought back some of the shared love they had sent out to the prairies of their origins, a silent message, yet so powerful.

Coming home they ran over a dead deer, almost running off the road when sideswiped barely by a semi leaving a skein of rubber down the side of a borrowed car. They pulled into a parking lot and rubbed it off. It didn’t look so bad until the next day, when the horrified owner could still see the cleaned rub. She should have gone along he thought.

They dropped him off at the bottom of his drive, you couldn’t drive very far up the rugged drive even in warm weather without his motorcycle, a trials bike made street ready. It was a forty-five degree slope, and even hard sometimes walking. This was the first year he had used ice cleats and he was glad to have bought three pairs. He still forgot to have a pair occasionally, and scrambled like a lone wolf on all fours howling at any moon.

The prairie still called out to him, the mountains were nice to be in, but expensive to survive. He hit the road to return home, although he couldn’t go back home, since the home he had lived in was sold. His parents lived in a high rise and he had not visited it yet, so where was home? Home is where one hangs their hat, and he returned to the area he had grown up in.

The area had changed and seemed somewhat foreign. He saw very few people that he had known and some he had forgotten. Where he had once hunted now was shopping malls and apartments. He had to get away from this menagerie and settled out in the country. He found the beautiful meadows and gentle streams rolling into a nice river area. These tracts were crisscrossed by massive fields of beans and corn, intermingled with feed lots.

The entire landscape had been shaped and reshaped over the last century. One had to imagine what the virgin prairie looked like to the first settlers. Massive oceans of graceful grasses and flowers, mixed with clusters of trees and shrubs that had survived the massive waves of fire and fate. A graceful harmony met him on the wind, as he sat listening to the bees, greeting him with a prairie song, that song of life. He stood with his hands out to his sides and thanked her for this lovely experience, as a gentle prairie breeze caressed through his hair.

Sometimes boldness had worked well for him. With this relationship it set him back farther, and farther away. This in a way was good, since it set his mind clearer on all that were around him. What is love and trust, he had never felt a need to question either. Comparatively they are much at being the same, embodied in a matter of relationships. What level of love does one enter a relationship and be able to describe it? I love steak, but only love to eat it. Do we start out at liking, to a really liking to a questionable doubt how to really extend our thoughts and feelings? What is love and what is it to him he thought.

Love is to benefit and share in a relationship. The sharing is fabulous since it continues for a lifetime if you allow it. He wanted it badly, maybe too bad, so was vulnerable to a lot of different passions. Who would be his everlasting soul mate? Life deals us a lot of possibilities, it is up to us to look within our spiritual side to sort out what might be best. He looked into this side of his life often, using it as a free time when in need.

He switched to a new job teaching, working in a behavior disorder classroom. Having too much free time had taken him away from his music and writing. This gave him a sense of self-worth that boosted his creative spirit. The prairie called out come play with me, he replied not so frequently in person, but always in spirit.

He let his spirit soar into the stars seeking out some relevance to all that had happened with his life and found solace. Certain happiness expanded to all he had and all that he found he had again. A rebirth of thought and spirit, and a rejoined sense of enlightenment with love, encircled him and drew him back to Earth. A scent of sandalwood brought him closer to reality, waking all of his senses. There he sat in his chair, in front of his computer. A gentle prairie breeze carried his subtle thoughts away.


  1. Wonderful story to go with your beautiful pictures. Love those fall leaves.

  2. Relaxing to read. Love the photos!

  3. I thought it was a cow too. the transformation of the place caused by the changing seasons provided a vivid reflection of mystery of life.

    nice post.

  4. What a nice post today. The prairie always calls one home.

  5. Yes, I can see a cow in that tree. We went to Branched Oak Lake yesterday for a family gathering. I took lots of photos from the car on the way, and at the lake. I haven't taken them off the card yet. I hope some of them turned out as great as yours.

    Oh, and I enjoyed your previous post. The muddy child photo is wonderful!

  6. This is really great story. Please, keep writing! I love your stories, and the photos that go along with them! You are one talented writer!


  7. Your pictures are always excellent. The story is very good. It also reminds me that maybe I should start searching for my own ice cleats right about now. I have completely forgotten where I put them.

  8. Fall has arrived! Thanks for the lively pictures and words. The leaves are tremendous!

  9. Wonderful post as usual I like the imagery of trying to get up a steep driveway, I've done that and loved this too (The prairie called out come play with me, he replied not so frequently in person, but always in spirit. ) I like the way this is expressed.


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