Saturday, September 18, 2010

What, there is still more????

A charmer of a day. I started with the Methodist Church breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, cinnamon roll, juice and lots of coffee. WOW! This was for a freewill donation. Upon leaving the bake sale lady knew I was gazing at goodies and wanted me to make sure and get the peanut butter cookies she knew I liked.Heading to a craft sale I bought raffle tickets for three quilts and a garden bench, three for a dollar.Seeing one of the organizers I shared my email if she wanted my picture files, and telling her I was the one who posted pictures on the local news station.

When I was in college everyone thought since I grew up in the Midwest, that my family farmed. I didn't want to break their hearts and tell them I lived in the suburbs so made up a lot of stories. My best was ,"If I got all my chores done early, my dad would let me drive the good tractor to school." Amazing how many fell for that with a "Really?" This gent is riding his rebuilt treasure, and I felt sure it was not his first time being a strong farming community.

Pulling a sled with weights left many worn out. Maybe it was the posture or faces that helped.

AAnother day of bathtub races brought athletes from all over the county to compete. New teams revered the taste of victory, with some very tough competition. Note these tubs were refilled with water when they finished splashing.

The olive green floating objects were not UFO's but water balloons being tossed and caught on two sides of the highway. This was open to different age classes with lots of clapping and laughs for the victors and the defeated.

What, water balloons weren't hard enough, how about raw eggs, a favorite at family picnics for decades. My dog, Lily, had a good time tasting the broken shells all over the place while I was taking pictures. If you caught an unbroken egg you stayed in the contest, so it was whittled down rather fast.

Whew, what a weekend of fun, want to try one of my cookies? Hey, where did they go, someone has a sweet tooth.Must have been my dog.


  1. This looks like tons of fun!


  2. looks like you had a wonderful weekend. i can see all the people... kids and adults had fun. what a nice activity to do before the summer is finally over.

  3. Oh yeah, blame the dog for the missing cookies :) That looks like a lot of fun especially those bathtub races. Love the looks on the faces of those kids in the tractor pull. I remember my son doing a kids tractor pull years ago at our local fair, he didn't win but he didn't do too bad.

  4. oh my! That looks like a lot of fun :D

    It's weird seeing them ride/drive a bathtub though... hehe

    Throwing raw eggs?? Arrghhh *runs and hides*

  5. beautiful presentations! whole community involved, american specifically! congratulations!

  6. What a blessed relief it is to read your posts about Corn Days! I'm working for the world championships in Russia right now, and thinking...wouldn't I like to come write for your town paper instead! I think you're having all the fun - and cookies to boot? Count me in!

  7. That looks such fun. I didn't know they filled the bathtubs with water too! It all looks a lot more interactive than our Saltaire Festival.

  8. That's quite the breakfast sounds like a wonderful day.

  9. Your breakfast fare is what we eat in the South. I am a bit surprised!
    I really enjoyed seeing more of the tub race and the balloon toss.
    Dang it...I am too late for a cookie.

  10. now that was a breakfast...and all the festivities looked like great fun..:)

  11. Looks like so much fun. We don't have these kinds of parades in CA!


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