Wednesday, September 15, 2010


When I heard your voice
It was like flowers in the air
Your fragrance is my choice
Then in all the suddenness
A prairie wind blew to me
Your kiss at dawn
Loving and compassionately.

Behold your wildest dream
Look for something you have not seen
Believe in it yourself using no others
Share it compassionately
With your sisters and brothers.


  1. Beautiful photos, the purple flower a favorite!

  2. Love that bridge. I think I'll just stroll across and hide out in the woods until this week is over :)

  3. I love the bridge as well..perfect setting very peaceful for me..

  4. Beautiful shots - I especially like the spider.


  5. I loved the poetry and the wonderful photos.
    The spider is still my favorite.:)

  6. great photos and thoughts and there's that awesome spider again

  7. The tiny blue butterfly is my favorite...china blue. She would look perfect flying about my kitchen. :)

    Is that your own poetry? If it is, I appreciate your willingness to share your words. Lovely thoughts.

  8. Some pretty lovely shots here :) to be so close to nature must be a wonderful experience each day.

    i love the bird :) posing in the sunshine!

  9. I wasn't sure how to email you about the screensaver. I'm glad I came back to the post on a different computer because I got to see the blue butterfly and the bridge. Some photos don't show up on the other computer and I don't know why.

  10. Nice photos (the purple flower is really pretty) and beautiflul poetry.

  11. great capture... love the composition of all the photos... and i love the verse that goes with them.

  12. Stunning photos!I love the white moth on the white flowers, they are all great shots.

  13. ...beautiful shots! The butterflies are gorgeous, and I see that is a Banded Garden Spider like mine. She is gorgeous too!!


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