Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Bird Told Me

A little bird told me, come out and play
Work will always be there,so what do you say
The weather is perfect,tomorrow could be bad
So I played my hardest,with all that I had.

Old barns rugged and bleak
Sometimes groan a little and creak
Can you hear the children's voices
Cows and horses in a stall
Years harboring families lives
Seems over but not at all
They stand as castles still
Full of memories that will last
A steadfast mark from our past.

Tall bluestem waves in a breeze
Waving goodbye to the flowers
And leaves on the trees.

I'm headed to Central America
One of these days soon
Thank you for the jelly
I'll eat until there is no room.

Asters grace the prairie
Carrying a happy message
You can almost hear them say
Enjoy yourself while out here
On a very beautiful sunny day.


  1. Love the photographs and the poetry.

  2. OH! These pictures are wonderful. They made me miss the midwest!

  3. I have probably asked this before. What is the sequence to using jelly? How long to do put it out before you expect to attract some birds that use it? Here, where I live, something would eat it, but probably not what I was hoping for. Certainly not an oriole. Does it spoil fast?

  4. Hey no fair, your hummingbird sat still for you. :) Love the shots, so pretty

  5. Beautiful photos and poetry. (I love the tiny hummingbird.) Thanks for sharing your sunny day with us.

  6. Wonderful photos and verse. I really like this!

  7. I'm sure you listened to the little bird.:)

    Super photos and I enjoyed the poem!

  8. Wonderful, truly! The little poem was just right for this fall day, and your barn on the open prairie calls to me... such a place to meander and think. One thing that I miss, living abroad, are the buildings. They have that unmistakable American feel that you cannot recreate somewhere else. This was great!

  9. great capture of the birds and i love the barn. so full of character. it speaks of character.

  10. Wonderful photos! I noticed your Baltimore Oriole photos, I live in north east Iowa and they are gone from this area by early August, even late July. The hummers are still around but you can tell they are getting ready to leave.


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