Friday, September 10, 2010

It Is All About You

Banded Argiope Spider with grasshopper lunch being neatly wrapped up

Buckeye Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Lined Tiger Moth Caterpillar(below)

Cardinal Flower looks like a torch across this prairie

The essential element of compassion is love, a word that is hard for many to say and do. When you tell someone you love him or her doesn’t always mean you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her. It is an ideal to build on, to possibly spend the rest of your life with someone, but the keyword is, BUILD. No matter what it is we need to continue to build our lives, in every endeavor we undertake. Then we shall begin to better understand love and compassion.

If you need a refresher course on building your ideals and soul take a break in a prairie, watching the sunrise, casting its gentle rays on this massive stage. Insects have sung all night, giving the land a gentle peace. The birds ask the sun to come out and warm their home. Spider webs become silver screens, showing off tiny movies in each drop of dew. Colors yawn and suddenly leap out at you, and sometimes shyly fade out of sight. So does our life, and we need to catch hold of things that leap out at us. Enjoy the simplest pleasures and be thankful for even the smallest of tranquilities to mend and sooth your soul. Close your eyes in this prairie and what do you see? Open your senses and examine each with your eyes still shut. Listen to the song, that song of life, gently passed among our souls on a gentle prairie breeze, ever so naturally.

You may have heard this song many times and never noticed it. It is so easily passed along on the tips of flower petals and grasses. It kisses the stones traveling down even the most treacherous of streams. It will touch your heart if you open it up, and lift your spirit into the heavens. Soaring through the sky, you can visualize what Mother Hawk sees as she looks to feed her young, but can you feel her spirit? Stand and hold your arms out at the waist, palms up to the sky. Thank the prairie for a wonderful experience, stand with your eyes closed and feel what else this land has to give you. The warmth starts in your fingers and soon fills your palms. Direct this energy to where you need it taken, use it to build on yourself and continue building throughout your life.

Walk through your prairie many times and filter out everything in it. Each and every part of our life has significance. Can we always find good in everything or try at least a bit more? Even in a negative situation we can find a lesson, which is good to understand. It is directing yourself toward more positive steps and building on your love for yourself first. This is you, the one and only you. They obviously broke the mold, because I have never seen a YOU store. Once you recognize how to love yourself you are able to spread this wealth to your family and friends, community, anywhere you can share and build. This love can be found floating gracefully on a gentle prairie breeze, and shared by many.
The stars speak so softly
To you each night
That you may only
Feel their wisdom.


  1. I agree... love is the essential element of compassion. you cannot be compassionate if you don't care about people and being caring comes from the heart which is where love comes from.

    great series of photos. my favorite is the caterpillar. great thoughts too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures, even the spider. Although I wouldn't want to get too close to it :) Seeing that there is no You store, it sure does make it hard to find replacement parts when things get Seriously though, you are so right. There's no way you can love anyone else if you don't love yourself first.

  3. great thoughts and beautiful photos, that spider looks huge, is it?

  4. Beautiful photos (I love the spider).
    Your words of wisdom about "love" are beautifully written.
    Thanks for the timely post.

  5. First I was blown away by the beauty of the pictures and then by the beauty of your words. I felt the wind of the prairie blowing through my hair. You took this Kansas girl back to her roots. Thanks.

  6. This is lovely. I have spent years learning to love myself. For some it is hard to do - and I was one (sometimes still am one) of those people. If you can find your value in this great throbbing universe and embrace who you are, then the love and joy you can spread is limitless. I have seen the effects of that ripple out around me... and learned to love myself by observing my natural surroundings. It is a lesson you learn by quietly observing, and letting it sink into your heart. A wonderful post. Thank you.

  7. Lovely post and a good reminder to seek the positive and the best in everything. Enjoy the weekend,


  8. Carole, that is one of the biggest spiders around, but harmless to humans.Nice to have around a garden. I was shooting the Buckeyes and one flew over and got tangled in the web but got away. The prairie was so dense it was hard to see all around you. Thanks for the great comments and glad you enjoyed my thoughts.

  9. Enjoyed looking at your photos and your writing. You write from the heart, there's always a lesson to be learned. Thank you :)


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