Friday, September 17, 2010

Corn Days

A small town with a two block main street puts on the ritz for the annual Corn Days Celebration. Highlights included rubber chicken toss and bathtub races which brought out the true athletes within this town. Simple and fun is all you need. Tomorrow I will eat a giant breakfast there put on by the Methodists for a free will offering.

Measured exactly to the inch with prizes by the age group.

These guys didn't know if they were coming or going, but gave it their all.

And the winners of the day was Team City Hall. We will see how they do tomorrow.


  1. Now that looks like a lot of fun. Gotta love those small town celebrations.

  2. Oh...what a fun festival! I love the rubber chicken toss for the children. The tub looks like that was hoot for the adults.:)

  3. I wish we have Corn day celebration here, but unfortunately it is only those from the countryside who usually celebrate this events. Well the photos looks very interesting it looks like everyone had a happy day!

  4. hahaha... bathtub races? cool! i love corn so i surely enjoy this.

  5. This is what I miss of America! (Well, one of the many things.) Wish I could have tossed a plastic chicken!


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