Sunday, September 12, 2010

Along the Mississippi River

For someone who spends a great deal of time on dry land, there is a water intrigue in me also. I go over the the Mississippi quite often just to sit spellbound watching all around. In the winter the eagles are thick and fun to watch wrestle for the same little fish. I used to go to Victory and get a new Mississippi River Rat t-shirt every year as part of a tradition. Along the many towns people often have a boat over a second car and many a cabin set out in the middle of nowhere.
I have camped on the many islands, thinking sometimes I may have been the only one to find that particular spot in the backwaters, only to hear the rumble of a boat coming past where I was at. I was married on a bluff high above this mighty river. When the minister showed he was shocked I wasn't in waders, but had a suit on he had never seen me in.
Each time I go over, I find something old and something new. It is about eighty miles from my present home to get me over the the Great River Road, a scenic highway designated to show you the rivers best. The boats pushing the barges are fun for me to watch, I always think of being in a kayak or canoe right alongside wondering where they were headed. Once going upstream all loaded down with a weeks worth of gear, a father and son walked throwing rocks about as fast as we were moving on the main channel.The strength and power it has is amazing.
This often is the drawing line of East and West for the United States. that places me in the west when I actually am in the Midwest. I have been to both ends of this mighty river, what a change it makes. Many are surprised we have the Coast Guard maintaining all the buoys and lights to control shipping. I marvel at these nomads who spend weeks out along with the tug crews traveling this river. It is the Gathering Waters, Old Man River, The Father of Waters, Old Muddy, Big River or just the Mighty Mississippi that calls me in.


  1. In just a few weeks my daughter and I will be taking a road trip across Illinois and down the Mississippi River! What a timely post!

  2. I've never seen the Mississippi River but I do know that there is something about spending time near the water that just seems to make all your troubles melt away.

  3. I've croseed the Mississppi three time (the number of times i've driven across country. Not once did I know that there was a "Mississippi River Rat" T-shirt. DANG! Now I will have to develop plans for a trip to accomplish just that acquisition! :-) I also did not know that Eagles found their way to the River in the winter. Visiting places where Eagles winter is on my bucket list. Love your very first photo. Says much about the love of water!

  4. WR I can look for a shirt, but my daughter cleared out my clothes if it had holes in it. A treasured momento, of course you need to visit the Pink Elephant Motel for a photo in it next to a life sized elephant statue.Ann it is restful, I think all who live close to the ocean should invite me into their home, I can watch it like TV.Allison, the flatlands will be a break from your glorious mountains.Eagles are thick around my home, my best count in a two mile stretch was 101.Many come to see them.

  5. i love the bridge photo... it's gorgeous. are you on a boat when you took that photo?


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