Sunday, August 1, 2010


And I'll just smile when I think of all the good times.

I just smile when I think about all the joy you bring.

When I think about how you touched my life and how you set my spirit free.

I'll just smile when I think about all you've done for me.

Written and sang by Robert Randolph.


  1. such a peaceful looking spot photo number 3 is and such beautiful sentiments.

  2. August first 2010
    Pretty pictures!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post about Ann Thompson's dog, Duke's third birthday. Ann took these shots of her dog in the swimming pool.(I see that you are already accainted with Ann Thompson's blog, Ann's Snap, Edit & Scrap.) But if you would like to see samples of my photography, you can look at 'older posts' or even check out my two-legged Mommy's English-language blog, 'Annas Adornments' where I am a contributor:

    Do you speak Swedish??
    My blog is a bilingual blog because we live in Sweden. I don't 'google' it into two langugages. I paw it down myself with the computer keys.

    Maybe you are of Swedish descent? My Mommy is going to make a special blog-roll for 'Closet-Swedes', who are, in varying degrees, Swedes or persons of Swedish descent living outside of Sweden, in places like the United States.
    Many of these persons' grandparents left Sweden and they themselves don't even speak Swedish.
    Are you a 'Closet-Swede'? If you are, maybe I can get my two-legged Mommy to put you on her special blogroll for Closet-Scandinavians. (We accept Closet-Norwegians, Closet-Finns, and Closet-Danes too.)
    Sara Cat

  3. OK, I'll just sit back and smile at all the lovely pictures.

  4. Beautiful flowers. Really enjoyed looking at them and the scenery.

  5. Great photos! I love the flowers, but the most outstanding photo for me is that one with rocks and blue butterflies. I know that photo was difficult to take because the butterflies were moving. Thanks for making me smile. :)

  6. Lovely pics... *big smile*

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the visit and leaving your comment (Duke's birthday post) :D

  7. Just got caught up on several of your last posts. Your pictures are so dreamy, yet clear. How do you do it? I'm wondering where the narrative comes from - the background story?

  8. I'll still smile when all those flowers starts to wither. Smile!

  9. Hello Steve !
    Thanks for yout visit on my blog and for your comment.
    Abe saw my butterflies just before my last post.
    Your picture are beautiful. I love flowers and plants.
    You can see one of my new roses before the butterflies.

  10. Mouse and Brenda, looks like I got the right title for the post.
    Sara,Jag talar inte bra svenska, det var i min mödrar familj.Many Swedes and Norwegians are settled in this area, but my speech is poor, I do a better accent.
    Jean and Ann, you are easy to please and always grateful.
    Kass, I shoot tons and keep the best.I have a file for last month with 212, so that means I shot 6-800.
    Al, we are born under the same sign so think close with beauty.
    Claude, I hope you read my last prairie story with the introduction of a french family.Je vous remercie et j'espère vous revoir
    Nature, love your tours of Greece,Σας ευχαριστώ
    Sherri, hope bubba is doing better
    Princess,I love to get a good shot, but ittakes time with flying flowers
    Nessa, the blog for Duke was fun, you have a nice site.

  11. Hello again Steve !
    I just read you last post of July.
    You know a part of my heart is in America.
    On June 2009 my husband and I were in Utah State at our friend's home for 3 weeks vacation.
    I went to Salt Lake City for the fisrt time in August 1985. I was alone.
    In 1996 my second husband and I were over there.
    In 2000 Our friends came here and since we decided to see each other every 3 years.
    Julia was my pen pal (we both were very young when we began to write each other) and my husband became Larry's good friend.
    I you want to see my different posts about our trip go in my june or july blog.
    We went to Yellowstone, in Montana and Idaho and after in the south for a quad biking day.
    In July and beginning of August 2009 I posted a lot about our trip.
    If you have time search in my blog archives.

  12. yes! beautiful images!! the buterfly are amazing!!


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