Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prairie Story 32- A New Life In An Old Land

Do they bite when they light or should I just brush it away? This might hurt me , more than you.


She looked out her kitchen window, and watched as her children came running in with armfuls of flowers to use for the fiesta at her neighbors. People thought she grew them, but she smiled thinking how they grew on their own, in her beautiful prairie meadow. The previous owners had told how they enjoyed this area, and how it was when their families moved here. Once mighty oceans, now were only ponds and lakes, gentle streams of faith trickles throughout the prairie, celebrating life as it is. They filled a bucket with water and put the flowers in water, filling her kitchen with a warm spirit. She sat down feeling slightly dizzy, she hoped some of the blooms weren’t stirring up an allergy.

She had been tender all over for a few days, and today seemed even more intense, but she had been busy all morning. Now that she sat down she realized how tired she was. The last time she felt like this was… this couldn’t be, but a blessing if it was. A warm feeling spread over her and was carried along on a wisp of a breeze, and drifted through the house and out the windows. She called to her husband, out in the barn fixing their buggy decorations. They danced the night away at the fiesta, the stars seemed to shine brighter on both of them. They whispered a song of life to all who would listen. They gave their blessing to this new child, but saved the news to share with others for another day. Her hair blew across their lips when they kissed and it reminded her of a first time this had happened.

Their family grew and prospered on this once great prairie, a proud land, from a very old time, yet so new for many. They marveled at the stories before roads really existed. Paths, and well- traveled trails linked this marvelous ecosystem to all points of the compass, calling sisters and brothers to seek new lives. The blend of culture and personalities made this nation stronger, from a wealth of cultivated ideas. Determined souls worked hard building up their farms, where others had perhaps given up. How many other souls flew through this wonderful land, at times a vast ocean of many forms. Giant mammoths and mastodons traveled to and from. Herds of rhinoceros, camels and horses ran through the mighty grasses. Giant amphibians and fishes swam its massive oceans. Where did this upright creature enter? Where was that magnificent garden?

Her garden gave them a wonderful assortment of fresh and canned goods. She had fun putting little plots of flowers amongst her vegetables to get a better pollination. The enjoyment of these beautiful flowers alone graced her wonderful pathways. This also made it easier to cut bouquets to bring inside. A variety of fruit trees bordered two sides, with berry patches bordering another. The front was always done in rows that was their initial, in a major splash of color and variety. Nothing tastes as good as fresh picked produce, discussing flowers and sharing bouquets. The kinship with the land often was gently swept up in the palms of a gentle prairie wind, and carried across the plains.
One thing I appreciate
Is the time we have met
And offered ourselves so simple.


  1. Hey, please do not swat them away! The butterfly is lovely. (lol) Nice prairie story my friend. :)

  2. That last one is what I call getting up close and personal with A little too close for comfort for me though

  3. yikes, what is that, it's huge? great story and photos as always :O)

  4. Lovely pictures and a beautiful story!

    Have to say the picture of that big bug on your glasses is major funny! Did you swat yourself? :-D)

  5. SPLAT says the locust , not! Nice pose however, I shared this with Ann when she had a post of ones she shot.Jean , you know I wouldn't hurt myself, maybe.

  6. butterfly is wonderful! superb images!

  7. Love the black swallowtail! I found black swallowtail caterpillars on my fennel this weekend, I am so excited.


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