Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prairie Story 30- Shared Lives

European Skipper, you must look quick to see this tiny beauty.

Western White

Tall Bluestem reaching for the sky.

Buckeye on Fragrant Coneflower

The top and bottom pictures are a Grey Hairstreak, a tiny little butterfly about the size of your thumbnail. It was fun to watch, the appendages on it's tail move to look like legs when it moves it's wings, and the spot is to look like an eye to fool predators. It is sitting on Grey-headed Coneflower, a favorite of mine because of it's shape.

How can I tell you a story with fairies dancing without a Fairy Ring Toadstool. This is about the size of your hand, and early I hope, since it is a fall visitor on the prairie.

Do we look deep in our hearts and really see the person standing next to us? Do we really understand who is there as our helping hand? This prairie was built with the help of neighbor sharing with neighbor. Those who had already struggled helped new arrivals into the simple life. She had arrived from one of the five largest cities in the world to what she felt might be one of the five smaller. That was until she met her neighbor, and her new life became as large as she wanted to make it. She listened in wonderment at the stories of early prairie life. She could not believe a government could rule people’s lives as much as they had her new friend’s family.
Sharing recipes and food was a true delight, both trying to out cook the other. She began to teach her the language she had always adored, French. Soon both would point at various objects and rattle off the French words, moving in to full conversations, with very few grammatical errors.
This friendship was brief, she lost her elderly neighbor after nine years. She often could hear her appreciation when each new flower bloomed in her garden. Many of these plants now were on both sides of the fence, shared with eternal love. She would also remember the smile when her daughter picked a bouquet or vegetables to share, always for a treat. Her love had been seeing this tiny child grow and play in her yard as many generations had in this tiny bit of prairie oasis. They placed a chair from her yard at an always good vantage point to look into their ever-changing landscape. Fairies carried the eternal happiness provided by this garden, on their silvery wings, laughing in its splendor.A gentle prairie breeze caressed this joy and revelry, sharing its wonderful melodies.

When we look at change
Do we worry
At what might happen
Or see it necessary
To at least try something new


  1. Stories about friendships are always a hit with me.
    Change is going to happen. I try to go with the flow.
    Enjoyed the images!

  2. Beautiful! The western white is my favorite, I love the colors and the contrast. The story is so nice too.

  3. I love the angle of flowers and the whole composition in the first picture. I've never seen a Grey Hairstreak it's amazing

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love the second one. Change is inevitable. sometimes good sometimes not but either way, not a thing you can do to stop it when it comes :)

  5. Love that second photo with all the yellow flowers. You do very well to get such good shots of butterflies - they don't stay still enough for me!

  6. Oh my I love the photo of skippers, they're one of the most photogenic creatures, they cooperate well when taken a photo, I know that 'cos I have several pictures of them. The mushroom on the last photo made me think of the elves. Nice photos.

    BTW thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting about the rice terraces, in fact an old farmer is daring all the engineers if they could make them a rice terraces using bare hands... and I was speechless then.

  7. Pretty pictures. I like this one with the blue sky. The mushroom is very beautiful. I like some in an omelette.
    Beautiful butterflies too.

  8. beautiful collection of buterfly's! good tones and composition! regards

  9. thanks for the great comments. This story carries over from the 1st family i introduced to you who moved to town,but brought soem of the native flowers with them. The elder is Native American, tribes often were displaced over and over. A few actually came back and bought back some of their land.

  10. Lovely photos and prose. Change is part of life, embracing it often takes us on a adventure if you will, but only if we are willing to accept change and see it as a positive thing.

    Moving, losing a friend, or a loved one is never easy, but often leads to greater understanding of ourselves and an even bigger appreciation of the people left in our lives.

  11. As I read your story I had images of meeting new people, and of watching fairies disguising themselves as butterflies if anyone looked too closely.

  12. Mobugs, I read this a few times and love the thought.Ratty ,you may have discovered a view someone hasn't found, I remeber a cartoon of animated people with butterfly wings, think it was R.Crumb.

  13. Beautiful story about the prairie and friendship! I love the way how you described all those lovely insects. As a young girl, I lived in a farm. I know how lovely my morning was watching all those insects, birds and even the glimmering water in the river.

    Oh, I remember our neighbor always giving us shrimps he caught in the river at night. Some bananas, vegetables even the newly harvested rice. Those are what I am missing in the city now. But I was glad I was given the opportunity to witness the beauty of nature and true friendship. Thank you for sharing. Most of all… thank you for your friendship. :)

  14. Sharing is caring, nothing goes to waste in my garden, I can always ask my neighbors if they would enjoy some.Wish someone would share some shrimps that sounds good fresh.


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