Friday, August 27, 2010

Happiness Carried On A Gentle Prairie Breeze


Those who know me very well
Know that work doesn't come before play
There is always a tomorrow
So have lots of fun today

Tiny little flower
Starts to bloom
Covering the prairie
Until there is no room.
Have you heard that message
Perhaps it came as a song
Nature loves us all
It can't be wrong
So respect it well
Always help it along
If not it might disappear
And you know that doesn't take long.

We all need to work at always getting along and offering a helping hand. That is the strength the prairie gave us in its gentle song and chants. Who will offer us advice if we eliminate this valuable network? Where will one catch that gentle prairie breeze, on the drying tear on their cheek? Must something almost be near extinction before we try to return the helping hand this massive expanse has offered us? Feel that prairie breeze upon your face and feel its spirit.

If you haven't been to Nature Center Magazine,, it is one to check out.I have had fun sending articles and photos for them to use. There is a wide assortment of information to enjoy. I know many of you read it, and many have been their blog of the week .


  1. Looks a good fish - do you keep them or throw them back in?

  2. Great photographs and narrative.

  3. I can only wish to put play before work. You're a lucky guy :) Love the photos as always. I say your picture over at Nature Center Magazine earlier this morning.

  4. Wonderful pictures, as always. Your little poems are fun too. And thanks for the plug for Nature Center Magazine. Your work there is always excellent and greatly appreciated.

  5. You look like a happy camper with your catch. I get your wonderful message but found your "Label" a hoot. You don't know you are a poet? LOL!

  6. Beautiful photos and nice writting about nature.
    My american friend like to go fishing in rivers or lakes.
    Have a good week-end !

  7. bass? good catch :)
    lovely always :) thank you!

  8. You're very good with poems. I love poems :)

    Excuse my ignorance... the only thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Prairie to me is 'Little House On The Prairie'!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Nessa , just a bit about where I live on the prairie.It is a very large area, it was 78% of the region I live in and now less than 1%. That is why I work around trying to reestablish it.You have the same type lose in your area, with ocean reefs and forest.Prairie is temperate grassland regions including the Pampas of Argentina, and the steppes of Eurasia.Lands typically referred to as "prairie" tend to be in North America. The term encompasses much of the area referred to as the Great Plains of the United States and Canada. In the U.S., the area is constituted by most or all of the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Montana, and sizable parts of the states of Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and the far western strip of Minnesota. The Central Valley of California is also prairie. The Canadian Prairies occupy vast areas of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.What is left is beautiful and hard to redo because it takes such a long time, where it took only a short time to demolish.So much from the scientist in me, remember I do enjoy to do lectures.LOL If you haven't been around my area it is hard to sometime understand the term prairie where I use it everyday and visit the various restored areas around me. I am headed to one with my favorite pastries nearby.Thank you for the great comments, come by I will show you how to catch a bass or two and chase an elusive butterfly.


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