Sunday, July 18, 2010

Silly Me

I have been sitting around waiting for that moment to arrive.

Even my bird friends aren't around to help me with the anxiety.

My dear friend is so close, I have been a lot of reassurance that the baby is near, and comfort is around the corner. It is hard to convince someone going through this for the third time.

I have tried in vain to share the moment and offer my help and concern. Many of you know me as a very sensitive person.

Wait, men don't know the half of it do they ladies? We only believe we know what is going on. Well I hope little Wyatt has came into this world, and everything is okay.His mom went in on Friday and I wait impatiently for the results.And when she sees this post, just let it be known, the devil made me do it.


  1. Oh yeah, blame it on the Very creative post. Best wishes to the mom and new baby. She must have been miserable with all this heat.

  2. I have to agree with Ann.LOL! Congratulations to your friend and her wee one.

  3. I also agree, Congratulations, loved the post

  4. Mothers-to-be are almost as beautiful as Mothers! The pictures are great. I hope the baby arrives safe and sound, and soon. :-)

  5. She should be reading this in a week or so when things calm down.Brenda, I liked your comment and it made me think of a neighbor who had 9 kids and said new moms always are prettiest when they are pregnant.Ann and Jean you are ganging up on me, and of course I like it.Mouse ,great to hear from you and thank you all.I will have to get out the cigars, bubblegum of course.


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