Monday, July 19, 2010

Make a Caption

One-Hidden Dragonfly Two -Flying Dragonfly

Three -Spiderweb at dock

Four -Birdhouse

Five -Painted Lady

Six -Swallowtail


Jean at "The Joy of Birdwatching and Living a Simple Life", the Birdlady of Georgia, started this idea the other day.Put a caption on a picture, it's that simple. The idea is used in our favorite periodical, Birds and Blooms, each month. Sometimes it gets really silly, but I tend to send one every month. The prizes are fantastic. You will be honored as one of my favorite bloggers who has a real sense of humor,plus anytime you wish to join me out on the prairie you can! It is as easy as one, two, three, all you have to do is start your caption or captions with the number of the picture I have posted. Take your time and do one or do them all. It can be funny, a feeling, even artsy with a poem, however you feel it should be placed with the photos I chose randomly from recent shots I have done in the last week.


  1. I'll do number six. -Ahh, sweet sweet nectar.

  2. beautiful captures!! thank you for link :)

  3. Am I supposed to write the comments here or on the other blog? I'll try both. #1 photo: It Came From the Swamp (new movie). #2 - "I should make Cleveland by sunset." #3 - My world is stiffly framed and upside down. #4 - This edifice is closed due to steel-fried bird residue. #5 -" I ate the tips of this blossom and came up here to burp." #6 - "If I sit here all perfectly beautiful, that Prairie Man just might take my picture."

  4. I'm not that great at writing captions but will give it a go.
    Picture #2: Where are those skeeters? I will zap them right out of the air and save the World for I am Super Dragonfly!

  5. Ok I've given it some thought I think I'm ready.

    #2 The military's newest aircraft, the micro mini.

    I just can't come up with anything for the other ones. darn.


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