Friday, July 30, 2010

Prairie Story 29-New Neighbors

Bindweed in chicory

Gray Evening Primrose


Black Swallowtail on Globe Thistle

A French family moved next door to them, and she so loved their heavy accents. French traders came through her Indian village when she was young and loved to sit with the children, telling funny tales. Lonely for their own families, the children helped heal some of their homesickness. They were some of the first whites she encountered, there were some stories of some blond visitors from long ago, but nobody was sure if they still were not part spirit, from the exciting tales told about them.
Her tribe has been moved twice over the prairie. Where they had once roamed free, would become lost and unseen, never to watch the waves crest over the tall grasses again.

Her Grandmother kept a watchful eye on her, when she played in the tall grasses. She told stories of Brother Bear swooping out of nowhere and snatching unwary victims. Hunting parties were often plagued by packs of wolves, testing the warrior’s skills. Their camps followed good hunting, sometimes reuniting with another tribe, sharing the plentiful harvest and trading with each other. Each time they met new tribes, they always exchanged their knowledge of the song of life, and compared how they had arrived on this beautiful land. All were similar, a story can change each time it is told, and must be recreated to discover the true meaning. Fairies swooped closer to the storytellers, hoping to hear something not already heard on the prairie. Spirits danced in the flames of their fires, celebrating the sharing of knowledge, and the continuation of their heritage.

It is that simple commonality and sharing of the spirit that reunites and builds this country. It has been ever changing, sometimes at severe loss to others, such as our Native American friends. She and her husband had been separated and reunited in this land of tall grasses. They had watched and joined the growth and reorganization, trying to tame this once wild world. Now they lived in a capital city, and enjoyed their lives here just as they had on the prairie, but missing the great expanse and gentle prairie breeze, carrying many happy memories.

Why can’t we fully agree
How much better it could be
If we called each other soul mates
But lovers we shall be
Loving each other graciously
Forever and ever, throughout eternity.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

A frog gazes at me hoping I will not pursue it any closer. This is normally a road, but rains have ran the river nearby over its banks. We have been under a flash flood alert for two months.

A Red-spotted Purple, a subspecies of Admiral and sisters . It is a mimic of a pipevine swallowtail that has really noxious chemicals from eating pipevine. This allows this butterfly a chance to escape, even though it is not a perfect match.

Joe-Pye Weed, Eutrochium, floats above the other prairie flowers near a wetland area.

Rosinweed, a bright yellow standout will bloom for the rest of the summer.

A morph of the purple liatris was the only one in a major prairie area. Sometimes I wonder with some color variations if it is the minerals in the soil. With this it is genetics.
Using large rocks as playing pieces, each player ran to see how far out they could get from shore, and not get very wet. This was a cold ocean, but fun to play in. He had never seen it before, so it was completely new to him. He ran to the farthest rock getting waist deep before scrambling up this huge boulder. Standing on top, a bit cold and wet he regaled his accomplishment. The next wave hit him just above the ankles. His perch was no longer dry. A large gray whale lifted its tail in jest to the winds far out near the horizon. Mermaids swam nearby giggling at this silly landlubber. All watched laughing as the next wave hit his knees. The tide was coming in and he would get wet. The giggles pushed his ego, and he was unsure what to do. The next few waves were the same, and then one hit him waist high. Not thinking the rock was six feet above the bottom he jumped toward shore, going completely under, but scrambling furiously and getting up on shore. He didn’t want to be a meal for a great white shark, or carried away on a riptide. When you don’t know what to expect, you expect everything.

Stepping behind a large rock for cover, he got out of the cold clothes and wrung them out. His silk shirt would dry quickly, and offer some warmth. His teeth were chattering so hard that he could barely talk to his laughing friends. None would share clothing since they were all a little wet. They did some jumping jacks trying to warm up. Two more whales were sighted off shore, headed to another home. He walked back to get his drying shirt and some young lovers had found his little arpeggio. They laughed at his foolishness together, and an ocean breeze carried their thoughts away.

The ocean called to him often, flirting with its many changes. He could sit and listen to the waves, feeling a sense of wisdom being given to him from the ages. Water was one of the earliest forms on this planet, so it had seen it all, and felt the energy. It had carried many stories, chants and songs. Making sand castles, running next to the surf, all seemed to have a significant power that empowered and enamored his soul. He would fly with the seagulls, fish with pelicans, soaring to new spiritual heights, recognizing a new luster in nature. At night he nestled into the delicate starlight and listened to a cooing chant, an immortal song, that song of life. His peace and happiness would eventually arrive at his prairie homeland, surrounding all that he loved with warmth and compassion, on a gentle prairie breeze.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Silly Party For A Dog

This is a funny story about a friend of mines dog, Duke. On the 29th it will be his third birthday, and Ann, his owner, has planned a blogger birthday for this spoiled little dog. Now if you haven't been to Ann's Snap and Scrap,, you may have met her on a variety of blogs she follows. It is always fun to read her blog and keep track of what she has to offer. Many of us who are now without children in the home take pride in our pets. Studies show that they help us cope with the everyday conflicts in our lives. I'm not sure of how many pets this study involved , since I have a house full, thanks to my children. Now I go everywhere with my little dog,Lily, she even fits well under an airplane seat. I showed boxers for years and they take up way too much room and had to ride as cargo. Plus the cleanup was terrible. When I moved where I am now I said my next pet was going to be ceramic, I didn't need anyone or anything to hold me down. This seemed to mean give your cats to him. I have two who live out at the horse barn and four in my home.My dog keeps them in line for me , so that is why she is man's best friend. So back to the big bang, the party of the year, perhaps one of the biggest I have been to since...........well since I was at yours last, but that is another story.

Lily can show Duke some bad habits, she rules the roost in the backyard. Here she is ready to get a squirrel or cat in her remake of ,"Children of the Corn."

For the dog that has everything I wasn't sure outside of a good meal what he needed. I figured it was okay to get him something he didn't possibly have, a whatchamacallit. Now you are already thinking, don't give dogs chocolate, it's not good for them. If that is so , then why do they beg for it all the time, don't they know what's good for them?

Okay we can have nutrition at it's finest. Lets start with some guacamole tostadas. Never had one, well mine are the best. These have corn, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and red onion all from my garden.Next I top with avocado,sour cream, four kinds of cheese and lettuce.

While you eat these I am finishing off a small meal with what we call "Iowa Chops." These are pork loin chops cut 1 1/2 inches (3.81 cm), grilled topped with teriyaki and minced garlic, then smoked with some hickory, a native tree here in Iowa. I am keeping it small since Ann is a baker and will have some great desserts. I wonder if she knows how to make Suicide Chocolate Cake, Miniature Italian Pastries, Banoffe Pie, a good Flan or perhaps some Kolaches? I like this part of the meal best, topped off with a good espresso. Well Happy Birthday Duke!!!
Steve, Lily, Puddinhead, Boy, Sicily, Nuisance, Tripper and Rascal

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Prairie Story 28-New friends in an old land

Partridge Pea

Prairie Mimosa


Where the skies are cloudy all day..........

Prairie Blazing Star

Tiger swallowtail feeding on phlox

Queen Anne's Lace

This still was a rugged land, and look how fragile our lives can be in such a severe yet beautiful world. Their family had started with eleven children, now there was nine. His sister lived with he, his wife and five children, in a home their parents had built. Most of the family had moved to follow jobs with the railroad and were scattered all over the prairie. He farmed a small plot and fixed harnesses, saddles and other rigging. Many of his relatives had crossed the southern border to come to this land of plenty, living at their group of homes. A coyote wailed in the distance, birds chirped out a song, harmonizing with a chant carried across this land, a song of life.

Only a few stayed with the farming jobs they first acquired, the hustle of the larger cities tempted them with new jobs. The packinghouses became affluent with an array of different languages and cultures. It was a rugged lifestyle, hard work that took its toll on their bodies and souls. The new cultures combined, emerging families moved onward toward building our great nation, but still retaining pride in their heritage.

Coming in from the fields one day, a wagon loaded with furniture and a family approached him on the road. Buenos dios shouted the husband. He blushed and responded rather slowly, for he had lost a lot of his Spanish his Mother had spoken to him as a child. They had been told he had a home to rent from the priest in town. He took them to the small home his parents had settled in and they marveled at the wonderful home. He felt warmth spread over his body when he realized this spirit was just as when his parents arrived in this land. These people had revived the prairie spirit, and were ready to become part of this great land. That night they shared stories on his veranda, talking about a land his parents came from he knew so little about. In exchange they found out about a land they knew so little about, and this old land became renewed. A flowery breeze carried away their laughter, across this beautiful prairie night, sharing it with all that would listen.
It was a new way
On a new day
That I felt your presence
Even though you are so far away
Yet so close to my heart.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brenda Photo Challenge-Macro red

This is to be three, but I couldn't let it be. So here are some fun photos for you,from me.

Ooops wrong blog, REDNECK..................

Monday, July 19, 2010

Make a Caption

One-Hidden Dragonfly Two -Flying Dragonfly

Three -Spiderweb at dock

Four -Birdhouse

Five -Painted Lady

Six -Swallowtail


Jean at "The Joy of Birdwatching and Living a Simple Life", the Birdlady of Georgia, started this idea the other day.Put a caption on a picture, it's that simple. The idea is used in our favorite periodical, Birds and Blooms, each month. Sometimes it gets really silly, but I tend to send one every month. The prizes are fantastic. You will be honored as one of my favorite bloggers who has a real sense of humor,plus anytime you wish to join me out on the prairie you can! It is as easy as one, two, three, all you have to do is start your caption or captions with the number of the picture I have posted. Take your time and do one or do them all. It can be funny, a feeling, even artsy with a poem, however you feel it should be placed with the photos I chose randomly from recent shots I have done in the last week.

Hey, have you heard the buzz?

Wyatt is home with his family coming into a wonderful life in Palm Desert, CA. Mom is doing well and a bit more comfy. This is with the next youngest, big brother is still not sure what to think and probably guarding his toys. It has been a fun time enjoying the progress of all three children, I have little contact with this age, my kids are grown and out of the home. Been a while since I changed a babies diaper, I have done a few doing respite with Hospice. Headed west this week, not sure where I will stay. Taking the new tent, but AC sounds nice with jacuzzi and pool with all this heat. I had to add some water to my pool to make it cool yesterday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Silly Me

I have been sitting around waiting for that moment to arrive.

Even my bird friends aren't around to help me with the anxiety.

My dear friend is so close, I have been a lot of reassurance that the baby is near, and comfort is around the corner. It is hard to convince someone going through this for the third time.

I have tried in vain to share the moment and offer my help and concern. Many of you know me as a very sensitive person.

Wait, men don't know the half of it do they ladies? We only believe we know what is going on. Well I hope little Wyatt has came into this world, and everything is okay.His mom went in on Friday and I wait impatiently for the results.And when she sees this post, just let it be known, the devil made me do it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Prairie Story 27- Retreat into your dreams

They had rented a Caribbean retreat for $150 a week. They wished after a few days to have had some screens. Sending laundry down to the rocks, all the mother-of-pearl buttons on his shirts were cracked. He gave them all to his laundress, for payment and tip. Apologies were said on both sides. Love healed all, and after they got used to millions of bug bites, they realized how well they had enjoyed themselves, once back in the states.
What do we expect in life , and what do we really need? This turned into one of the best vacations until he returned overseas again. Each vacation got better and better, making it hard to return to the reality of the real world. How could one make a life all a vacation was his goal. He hated not having a new destination in plan because of monetary needs, but yet hated having to work for it. What was a poor boy suppose to do?

Oh wait, there was meaning in this to exist in the elegant lifestyle he preferred. Where else would you be able to have fun and not need those almighty dollars. And when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. He had favorite friends to go to favorite stores together. It was a tradition to be upheld, part of that miraculous dream to squander all money maliciously. Think if we really directed excessive spending into a wiser prospective. That of course didn’t take hold, and he spent years shopping hastily, and with sudden misdirection. Then that gentle breeze caught up with him one day, and reminded him how simple life really was and could be. His soul soared into the wilderness, carried by a whisper of prairie breeze.