Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prairie Story 20-The Passion We Feel

Love was in the air, and it smelled so sweet. Why hadn’t she called, it had been a few days. A friend called telling him about seeing an old fling at the mall. They had a lot of good times together, and he remembered when he thought he was in love with her so passionately, but still had never felt like this. When he was younger, an old girlfriend had asked him to tell her about his love, and to only say it if he meant it. She never heard it hardly again, because he was never sure of his feelings. Was he suppose to be forever in a fairyland existence, would love just slap him in the back of the head and he would know?

None of this was coming to him, but he was feeling better about himself being with this person of wisdom. It sorted out a lot of dimensions he felt were offered in a good relationship. It also showed him that love was accommodating to each other’s needs. Part of a lifetime with another person was to be an ever-changing and enriched relationship, where you kept finding new ways to be nice to each other. One day she told him she no longer loved him, she had been writing a friend of his all summer, and they were going to become a couple when they returned to college in a few weeks. His entire life in ruins, well at least for a few days, when he realized he didn’t miss her very much. They had basically just gotten used to each other and had existed in a holding pattern.

The phone rang, was it her? It was another friend coming to visit. She was good company, and fun to party with. They had known each other since they were in their teens. He had helped her in a floral business she ran, by answering the phone for free during peak holidays. Saturdays became a lunch club with various people supplying goodies. Weekly road trips, just to get away from the confusion of both being business owners, became part of their fun. These were usually shop until you drop trips to surrounding small towns. He often asked her about affairs in his love life, but she was more amused how one faded away and another took over. She helped him through his rocky marriage, having a good laugh at his first wives temper. They never did nickname her as they often did to others, giving them a name to go with a physical or personality trait. This was just part of the happy friendship they shared. She showed up with a ton of vegetables and her dog. They went to the downtown area for a drink that night, enjoying each other’s company and watching the various people out for the evening. Their love for each other was sharing the same dark humor, being able to laugh at each other’s faults and peculiarities, and having a good time with life.

Having a good time in life has lost its grip with a few lost souls, who never recover. It doesn’t mean you have to party hearty, it means we need to look at what really makes us happy. Many can’t even understand happy, being bitter with this failure, and carrying this sorrowful attitude everywhere they go. We need to open our eyes up and really try to understand everything that makes our lives happy and fruitful. Love is the answer we all need to understand. Everything can be repaired with love, and we all need to continue learning how to share it with everyone we exist around. When you go to a store, do you ever think how many people help you, who you can thank personally? This is how we can work toward making this a better world to live in, by thanking all of those we do interact with. Those simple words can offer a spark of hope that someone else cares for what you are doing, making it a worthwhile effort to perform. Your heart tells your soul how nice it was, and you move another step in becoming a better person, both physically and spiritually.

She was in town! He was sitting on the front porch and here came the most beautiful woman in the world, walking up the street. He held up his hands to feel her spirit, and her smile drifted over to caress his soul. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, having finally gotten together. They lived on computer and telephones, and at night would hold up their hands in each other’s direction, to have the stars deliver their love. He held her in his arms reminding her that she made his heart flutter and placed her hand over it. The energy surged between these to lovers, and the night sang electric. The tides came in softly across the prairie dawn, blowing gently on her flowers, carrying with them another part of the story of life, as the two lovers lay in each others arms.

When we are together
It becomes a sensual bliss
To be in love, is something not to miss.


  1. I was expecting a post about your recent camping trip. You are full of surprises.:)

    I agree with your statement about needing to fully understand what will make you happy. Sharing a smile with a stranger you pass in a store is another "feel good" action. I'm glad I live in a place where this is a common everyday occurrence.

    BTW...Love the sunset and flowers photos!

  2. Yeah, exactly what Jean said :) As always thoroughly enjoyed your story

  3. I understand these feelings from the story very well. The feelings of conflict at the beginning, and the feelings towards the end. Good story.

  4. Love is a wonderful feeling - and those are wonderful photos too. Such colours in that sunset.

  5. There really is just nothing like love ;-)And the poet who said "It is better to have loved and lost - than never to have loved at all" is so right! It would be a shame to live life and miss out on this passion!
    Beautiful pictures!


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