Friday, June 18, 2010

Brenda's Challenge- Bedtime


Cats are such fun to live with
cats take over your bed
your favourite chair
the whole couch
cats, not people, rule the house!

Serenity by my garden gate, as Tripper snoozes, a favorite pastime for an old cat. He is being investigated by Sicily, unaware of her presence.
Boy sits on his favorite comfort item, the litter bucket. He never comes when called unless there is the rattle of treats or food involved.

My favorite stable cat is Puddinhead. She came to me as a self- feeder, having lived in a home that was vacant for six months. She is on a old phone stand hanging out with hopes of seeing some good food. She has destroyed the fabric on the seat with hair, but I can never give up this classic piece of furniture that was part of a bedroom set. Her name is from what my mom used to comfort us as kids, I have no idea where it originated. I tried her in the house, but her name changed many times with acts she committed. First it was Lipripper, you don't pick her up as a friend did, then when Christmas came, Treetrimmer. She couldn't leave the tree alone, and killed the holiday decorations, including my artificial doves I think she tried to eat. The horse barn is a lot nicer to her comforts.


  1. Cats do definitely rule a house in a way that dogs can only dream of. All of them are such nice looking cats and look very comfy in their chosen spots.

  2. Ahhhhh!Hahaa...Now these Kitties are Definitely having some BedTime!!
    I have a cat that appears about once a week just for food...don't know whose house he came from but I feed him. He now lets me pet him...
    Nice shots!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. yep, cat do rule. I have an old cat that only needs us to let him in and out and feed him all summer long, until winter then he needs laps to cuddle on.

  4. I am "owned" by 2 inside cats and always have to remind them I am the dominate cat as I am tested daily.

  5. They are all so cute and I love the name puddinhead. That is absolutely adorable.

  6. Cats are a life lesson in making the best of what you've got. Great photos!

  7. Napping kitties are always such fun! And they can't get into mischief either! Love the name Puddinhead...

  8. :-) Your kitties have the sleeping theme down pat!

  9. Anytime is bedtime for a cat. Lovely creatures.

  10. Love the animal pictures. So sweet.


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