Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Life

You need to watch carefully this time of year, the bloom on the prairie is always changing. I think where I should be to catch some favorites I can't see close to home. After sighting my first Bobolink I wished I was in the northwest part of Iowa to also see the Yellow-headed blackbirds, a larger population of Bobolinks and a variety of plants I only find up there. I stopped to chat with a conservationist headed to Iceland next week, and was amazed at my find when driving in to this pristine nature center.

These Large Flowered Beardstongue were all over the hillside. I have seen a few of the smaller flowered varieties, but these remind me that I was in the Nebraska Sandhills at this time of year watching buffalo.

What had only been green with lots of blue Spiderwort last week, is very white this week. As you can see there is a massive prairie area as well as wetlands and woodlands.

This is an heirloom variety of dianthus I grow, it reminds me of a frilly orchid found in a very small area of the prairie.

This beetle seems to be playing with it's shadow on a Brown-eyed Susan.

A first coreopsis bloom to be followed by many, a golden delight.
I hope you enjoyed a few magic moments in my day.I have lots more I could have shared, I played all day outdoors. Sent a bouquet of pics to cheer up a good friend. Hope to pick some gooseberries and make a dessert today. Stop in for a piece.
Take a peek at Nature Center Magazine online ,, if you haven't had a chance. What a great place to share your pics and interests. I have posts there and enjoy what they have to offer. Each week they have a blog of the week, maybe it should be yours!


  1. The heirloom dianthus is the prettiest variety I have ever seen. I would say your friend is a very lucky person. Save some of that gooseberry dessert for me!:-D)

  2. How good you can play all day outdoor. You certainly received many gifts from the Nature.

  3. Such a pretty assortment of flowers.

  4. I don't think I have ever seen the beardstongue, they are gorgeous. An exciting array of flowers. How I love to roam, daydream and drink in their beauty.

  5. That beardstongue is beautiful and I love Dianthus, does this one smell like cinnamon?

  6. I see a face in that beardstongue - what a lovely flower that I've not heard of! I do have some old Dianthus - it is so pink it seems to glow in the dark and it does that a heavy fragrance. Your species seems to be even deeper pink - wow!

  7. I like the face in the flower, they are tiny, only 5/8 inches long..The dianthus does have a spicy scent, that was one of the draws.I have 3 shades of pink, starting it last year from seed indoors.Poetic, I do roam and daydream while in my environment.Thanks for the great input!


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