Thursday, May 6, 2010

A World Around Us

Fairy Etchings
Daisy Fleabane

Culver's Root

Black Swallowtail

It seems fun to explore and find those little treasures that appeal to our eyes. Many times I pass something while driving and think I will catch it on the way back, but it isn't still there. It is the moment one must capture often with a photograph. It enables us to remember and treasure those little wonders of the world around us. My camera is my brush, and the pictures my paintings. I pass where I shot something and can remember the moment I was there before. Going out on the prairie I found all of these spots pictured, but they are not there as before. I walked the same stream, but never saw this ice again, it is warm now so I look at the rocks beneath the water and creatures who were asleep when I saw the ice sculpture. In early spring I will not find those plants, maybe their skeletons left behind, but know they will return. I watch the progression of plants that build the prairie that these are all part of. The butterfly excites me, it is like finding a trophy on the breeze, I laugh at how many times I have stopped my car to capture its image, or ran through a area hoping to get a good pose. When I pass old homesteads or explore the land around me, I think of the lives that were here before me. I can almost imagine the celebrations and pride taken in dilapidated farms, which at one time supported a variety of life. Where did they go, why did they leave? At one time there was a house someone was very proud to be part of.They shared their life with the land as I do now. Perhaps our trails will pass some day. Our thoughts intermingle, on a gentle prairie breeze.

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