Saturday, May 8, 2010

A step in the right direction

Clematis in my garden

Green Darner

Pale Beardtongue

Watch your step at Garrison Rock

The new and the old often combine on the prairie. Hills formed by ocean reefs started to cover with plants and trees.Often the progression can change the fauna to be found and the prairie was kept alive with fires that kept the the trees and shrub from encroaching the area. These fires also gave room for plants to spread and often helped seed to germinate. Many families kept the spirit alive and grew as the prairies grew with strength and endurance. We have come to a point of time when both have shown a decline. What held everything together has been set aside, but not lost. Just as there are remnants of prairie to harvest seed and build up again , there still are families that if they try, can build and prosper as well. We need to look how we can work with both and make this world a wonderful place to live in. It really isn't hard, instead of saying I wish I had, say I have given it my best and will continue trying to better all around me. Family for me has dwindled in numbers ,so I have an extended family of people with similar interests and knowledge. I build on their expertise to build my life and share with others around me.Both the prairie and our lives only need one idea to continue and prosper, and that is love. Love encompasses an assortment of passions and ideals that many put on the shelf and forget about. All we need to do is open our hearts up and find what is in us all and has been there since our original existence.There is that fire in each of us to build our world up and prosper.

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