Sunday, May 9, 2010

Prairie Story 9

Butterfly Milkweed

Gray Evening Primrose

Eastern Amberwing

Large Flowered Beardtoungue

One day, just after her grandmother passed to a better land, the men they had seen the previous year returned. They carried chains and telescopes that made it interesting for her to watch. Everyone hid from them, afraid they would be asked to move again. The land was sparse, but they had learned how to work it. Little did they understand what was in store for them. One day Uncle came to the house with another letter. The girl recognized her name and quickly took it to the pastor’s home. Nobody was home so she sat and waited. She waited what seemed like eternity before the wife returned. They went into a parlor and read the letter twice. The son was coming down, with fifty head of cattle his father was sending her family. The farm had prospered well and they never forgot their good friends. They had heard some terrible rumors about those who had been relocated and wanted to help out. The two ladies clutched each other, both laughing and crying. Her love was coming, and his feelings still stayed strong after all this time. She enjoyed this letter better, shared with her new friend and confidant, in a more private situation.

When she returned home everyone encircled her asking a thousand questions. She raced to tell her father the good news. He was thrilled and began to sing and dance, a dance of life brought to his people on the prairie winds. The songs soared up into the air, encircling the tribe with pride in their heritage and beliefs. She wistfully grabbed her mother, and told her the other news, he had asked her to marry him. They danced and sang, her father joined them knowing why they were so happy. He knew this was written in the stars, and the three embraced returning to the songs. The evening was swept away with a full moon along with his friends the stars. They watched in delight at all of the merriment, and passed it on to the land. Everyone celebrated life and what it was about, and a distant prairie wind came and picked up this message, taking it to the four corners of her land.
It was a turning point
A story of unrequited love
It all became so glorious
A continuing story
Out on the prairie.

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  1. I am so glad the couple will be reunited! Love the flowers. Butterfly Weed is blooming in a field close-by. I wish a few seeds would blow into my flower beds.


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