Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prairie Story 15-Rapid Changes

Toady's story comes from a continued work that we saw two people whose lives intertwined on the prairie and now they have formed a new family. It is my Great grandfather, one of seven children who came from Bohemia to settle in SE Nebraska with their parents.

A Great Spangled Fritillary, a member of the Brush-footed butterflies, sits next to a stream.

Wild turkeys float across the woodland searching for acorns, bugs and anything else that looks good. At one time Benjamin Franklin felt these should be our national bird.

I'm hiding so you can't see me. How well these massive bucks do blend in to their surroundings.

I like this guy, he is almost six feet at the shoulder, but still a gentle giant for work in a field.

The children played around the yard while their mother sat inside watching. It was a beautiful day to enjoy and she had a hard time getting any housework done. His parents were coming over with some furniture they had replaced from their son’s store. Family heirlooms as it would soon be. She wasn’t sure where they would put it, maybe put their old out to use on the porch. Most all had been passed down to them, even their home, but it was a collection of fine ideas and love. On the side of their home stood a field full of flowers and she listened to the whisper of the wind as it carried on its song though the land. This song she had been taught to listen for when she sat with her Grandmother, sorting out berries or making some food. She thought of the story her father always shared of the day he had met this lost pioneer family and the bond that made their friendship strong. She often wondered if the remnants of her family shared the wealth and happiness she had found.

She could not believe what had changed since she had first arrived, and now this expansion continued like a wildfire. The prairie was being swept away with this wildfire, but not always to replenish it, as the cleansing fire had done in the past. They had saved a small plot, but still hayed it toward fall. She could smell the massive burns, which had passed by her village, unafraid who stood in its path. It had been a part of her childhood, and the children loved to hear the stories, marveling at their "pioneer lifestyles", already hard to imagine with progress. Her thoughts were interrupted with a horse pulling up their lane.

Her husband had came back for a town meeting. He rode looking around at his wonderful land, riding up the lane to their home. He had made a good business farming, but many of his friends today insisted he represent them in the legislature. He thought heavy about this, unsure what his family would feel. He would ask his wife tonight, and file his petition the next day if she agreed. He felt she would, and his feelings proved right when he spoke to her. Moving was a question she had, and he told her they would have a home in the capital. This would be quite a change from their beautiful home on the prairie. The talked all night and listened to the sounds carried on the prairie winds, a powerful yet fulfilling serenade of life.
I have a passion
A passion to share
A friendship so strong
Why should others care
So let us share passions
And let us soar free
Free to love, even casually.


  1. I think of a little house on Prairie while reading your story.

  2. Hadn't thought of it that way, never could keep my interest in it much.Good night Rainboy!

  3. How nice to be writing about your families wonderful past! Must have to do a lot of research - which brings you closer to it all!
    That buck is something to behold!

    In answer to your question about camera setting. Do you mean burst mode? If so - yes - I always shoot on high speed burst mode (which is 6.3 frames per second) on the Canon 50D. And YES - I bet you are seeing some of those same Ospreys that were released. Though I do think it takes several years for them to return mature enough to mate!

  4. Another great story. That buck does blend in well with his surroundings and the horse is a beauty.

  5. I am really enjoying your family stories. The butterfly has leopard coloring which is so unusual. Love seeing turkeys as well. Some fantastic shots here, my friend.

  6. I feel so much of a mood of change in this story. It's kind of sad to experience that change, but exciting at the same time.

  7. There is nothing like reading about one's family or roots. I will look forward to the next installment. Your pictures are like icing on the cake. I really liked how you captured the hiding Deer.

  8. beautiful capture!! i like very much buck

  9. Great post!!

    About your comment:

    It's € 37,20 for one person, and we're 8 of us.
    There's a difference between Haarlem and the other side of the country. :)

    Have a great weekend.


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