Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prairie Story 11

Bumblee on Wild Bergamot commonly called Horse Mint

Life continues around the prairie


Water Lily Bloom on a lake

He sat waiting for the sun to set, thinking about his future life. Tomorrow he would arrive to see his true love and deliver the cattle his father had sent. He laid back and tried to sleep, but lay gazing at the moon and stars. He held his hand up to the moon, wishing she could feel his thoughts and touch. They were only going to stay one night and return to his homestead by train. When he held his hand again he felt he could feel a tingling, or at least hoped he was feeling her thoughts. His brother asked what he was doing and when he told him he said to let him know if he got through with a chuckle. He looked at the stars and said a prayer of happiness for all his loved ones and friends. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a restful sleep.

The cattle seemed to be moving too slow the next day while driving them. He had even skipped breakfast; his stomach was tied with a bundle of nerves. His heart raced when they got close enough to see a few dwellings. His brother had went ahead to get directions to where they were headed, the reservation really wasn’t close to the town. A few of her brothers ran out waving hearing the commotion of the cattle. They remembered him better than he did them after four years. He let the rest take over the cattle and rode hard for the settlement, his friends laughing at his anxiety. There she was running toward him, followed by many from her village. He dropped off his horse and they both held each other tightly. He took a step back touching her fingertips lightly, and got down on one knee. He asked her to marry him, and her eyes and smile answered first. They went to meet with her parents and the men all sat and smoked. The father got rather misty-eyed telling stories about his daughter, but was happy for both of them. They would have a traditional ceremony before they left, but also have a church ceremony when they returned to his home. The next day was a day of song and dance, with a steer cooked for a feast. The new couple disappeared but returned to bid everyone a goodbye before catching the train. When they boarded, they began their new life together.

This was her first ride on a train, so her excitement was fun to watch. She was glued to the widow and he often smiled at her ohs and ahs. Eating breakfast they marveled when oak trees began to show up thick. When they rounded the corner, here stood the rolling waves of grasses on the prairie. She sat talking about favorite flowers and teas made from roots and leaves. All of a sudden a huge farm appeared. It sat in a denuded area neatly squared off with a fence. The ocean of prairie stopped in a long straight line, and new sprouts in rows covered the hillside and the next one also. Next came another home with two children chasing a pony. It made her think of the stories her father told of stealing horses as part of a passage into manhood. She shared a few of these while they passed a few more farmsteads.

That night they took a walk gazing at the stars as the train was being serviced. Looking into her eyes he held up one hand and she touched his too hers. They felt the spirit and heard the story of life being carried in the night air. Both souls soared into the universe, entwining into a centralized light from another time. Returning back to this world, they felt the charm of the loving touch, a feeling that would last forever. The train whistle sounded and they boarded back on, wistful to leave this spot where they both felt happiness and love in their hearts. They were almost home when they woke; she looked in amazement at all of the new sights. New homes were everywhere with hardly any of the oceans of grass waving in the wind. Areas that were left were being hayed and grazed. The rich prairie plants provided good food for livestock. Unfortunately many other plantings were also being used, starving out native species. His family was abundant with emotion when they arrived. They went first to his parents old home and then to their new one. The old homestead is where they would live. Wonderful food was shared and spirits were enlightened with happiness as it floated around the room. Faces had changed as had the land, but the spirit of the land was still there. The land told her this was a place to stay, and she would, forever. Love was carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

Making something special
Is what we like to do
I will make you special
As you will me too.


  1. Four years is a very short time frame for that much change. I am glad the couple are finally together.

  2. Prairie is a beautiful place.
    Thanks for your visit.

  3. Lovely photos and thoughts. Thank you for stopping in at my world. I'll be back...

  4. Thanks for your comments and visit and for your great photos and view of life on the prairie.


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