Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

A timid tap on the door, perhaps a doorbell to ring. Hearts racing at both ends of this delivery.Would you catch who was there? But then again, what were you suppose to do if you did?Sometimes it seemed like hours before this would happen again. Was it a true love, good friend, or just a neighbor whose parent made sure the delivery was done to every child on the block?What a fun little holiday, the entry into spring .Many cultures have a variety of traditions, some even celebrating labor. When I was growing up it was more a labor of love and friendship.Starting with a pagan celebration the festival of Flora was for the roman goddess of flowers.In France in the middle 1500's, CharlesIX gave lily of the valley to the ladies of the court and expected a kiss in return. These all circumvent around what we celebrated.

Often we looked for flowers to put in our baskets, this time of year were violets.Also inside were sweets to eat, each basket would vary by family and in my family depended what my mother had organized.Sometimes it was hard to share since you were putting in a favorite and may never get to sample. I always think of a sweet popcorn one neighbor fixed, spice drops, suckers, and of course to top it out a piece of chocolate.Getting older sometimes the amount you recieved began to dwindle, and even though you wouldn't admit it, hurt a little.

When my kids were young I encouraged them to join in this tradition.All the parts of the process were hard for them to do. Place the basket and ring the bell or knock was a lot of steps sometimes.Plus wasn't that rude to run after knocking?Hmmm and what was suppose to happen should you get caught?Often the race was to assemble all the baskets after racing home from work and school.We enjoyed giving some to adults also who didn't have children or their children didn't live at home anymore. Sometimes you had to go back and ring that bell again, and it was awkward to do for a child.

I don't have kids at home but there are a few prospects in the neighborhood to share with.Wish I had a runner to go to the door for me, my heart is racing thinking about it.Today I have Charms suckers, chocolate peanuts, bridge mix, hot tamales and will make some popcorn with a sweet syrup and peanuts.Wish I had lily of the valley for that kiss.Not sure who gets any, it could be you!Wait, my doorbell is ringing!Rats, just the UPS man.

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  1. You got me with "The Timid Knock at the door...".

    Happy May Day and Blessed Be!


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