Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flowers Around Me

I want to take you through my garden, it is just a short walk around from where we sit. Bring your drink with you, it will help keep you cool while we talk and share.

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." quoted Juliet to Romeo. It actually was Shakespeare making fun of a rival theater, The Rose. I was talking to a friend and she tells me while we were talking I had a photo posted on TV that looks like a wax flower. It was this Columbine. The beauty of flowers always makes me think of verse I have read. Someone said flowers are how the earth smiles, and I truly believe it. A favorite in my garden I always have been intrigued with the columbine.

They surround the area in happiness and remind me of a fairy dance I saw in a painting, dancing under the stars. They really stand out when found in the woodlands, colors you don't see on a lot of woodland blooms. This one is close to a native species near me, but much larger.

Dianthus started to bloom this week. I have a frilly variety that was showing a lot of buds that is most unusual also. This is a very large family, I enjoy the common spicy scents and put in some Sweet William seed to add to my collection..

This tiny geranium looks as if someone painted its color to enrich the bloom. When I found it I knew I had to have a few, not knowing where it would end up. Abram L. Urban offers a good verse that I always think of when buying so many new blooms.
My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams.

This is a first year for this wonderful hydrangea. I passed a yard last year that had them all across the front with white blooms almost a foot across. Never finding this older version I settled for a new pink to try out.

Clematis yells for me to try a new color. I placed two arbors last year just so I could have some more. This year I have only added on pink to my collection. This was suppose to be Nellie Moser a bicolor pink, so I guess I will look for her this next season. I hope my neighbor enjoys this as well, the first blooms were more on their side of the fence.

The trailing petunias in the tall box planter I made in a previous blog are doing great and receive a lot of compliments. I was glad to have placed them close to where I sit. Underneath I have heliotrope just starting to bloom so hope to have some nice purple accents to go with all the pansies around it.

The blue on the edge of the petals of this clematis is iridescent. I hope it will grow all over this fence . It couldn't decide if it had four or five petals. I found this late last year and was glad to see it come back.
A Bird came down the Walk by Emily Dickinson

A Bird came down the Walk
He did not know I saw
He bit an Angleworm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw.


  1. You have a beautiful garden. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the ice tea I brought along was a good idea.

  2. You have very pretty flowers in your garden. Thanks for the tour and the verse.

    Emily Dickinson ROCKS!!!

  3. You have some very good flowers. I have to learn about flowers whenever I see them because I only know as much as my grandparents told me when I was a kid. I'm better with wildflowers than regular ones. I recognize the geranium though. It was one of my grandma's favorites.

  4. All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

  5. Such sweet delicacies in your garden - gifts from the heavens.


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