Monday, May 17, 2010

Columbine, Blackbird ,Oriole and a Mule

This columbine is guarding the gate at a favorite state park where I like to bird. Red and the Peanut shared some really beautiful pictures last week that are a must to see, so I thought of those while taking a few around the woods. I have been going here the last few weeks to watch for indigo bunting and warbler migration. I was surprised to see a huge flock of goldfinches, our state bird, who obviously didn't overwinter in this area. Haven't seen any buntings but share some promise with sightings in GA last week at The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life and now seeing great pics at Red and the Peanut. Thanks for some great sharing.

A female Red-winged Blackbird on an old cattail. I held long and got some good shots of her out on the prairie. These are one of the early birds to leave in the fall, so a sign that frost is coming and the summer is near its end. Seeing their arrival sparks ideas of the forthcoming spring and time to be starting a few things for the garden.

I often describe this friend as an Amish tractor. He has a matching brother who perform a variety of unmechanized farm work. It is a pleasure to watch them work, a treat I was fortunate to enjoy as a kid, picking corn by hand and riding three kids at a time on one of these gentle giants. This mule is a cross with a huge Belgium. A fun part is watching for carriages going down the road and wishing I could get around that way instead of my van I describe as my floating office.

This Baltimore Oriole has seen more of Central America than Baltimore.When my family immigrated here from Bohemia, they arrived by boat in Baltimore, so perhaps this has some draw to my liking this most beautiful bird. I have nectar feeders and a grape jelly feeder to keep them happy. Often they take a taste from hummingbird feeders. I have went through a huge jar of jelly already, a pair of Robins share the sweet tooth the Oriole has, along with a voracious appetite. My week is just starting with a lot of things to do on my list. I am headed out on the prairie to get that feel of being at one with nature. I would like to have some sun today, so it can activate the solar birdbath that just arrived in the mail.It only works in the sun, there is no backup energy supply. I added six solar lights of hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies that change color all night long. Hope my neighbors don't think they are from another planet. I hope to hear and share thoughts and feelings from all of you, carried on a gentle prairie breeze.


  1. I can find Orioles in my place too. They must a close relative of yours.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have lovely pictures here. The Oriole is such a beautiful bird. We don't get them here to my knowledge but the colour reminds me of our Evening Grosbeaks.

  3. I love the Amish tractor, great photos

  4. I clicked on your photos to see them larger. The Columbine bloom is so lovely. We had a Mule on our farm when I was a child. He bit my Dad in the butt one day. We all got a good laugh. Love the photos of the birds. I have only seen an Oriole once in my life.

  5. Thanks for the great input, I will keep plugging more.


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