Friday, May 28, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge


This month the challenge is three weathered and worn photos. These come from the Smoky Mountains, one of the more weathered and worn areas in the United States. I hope you enjoy them!

These old barns have seen plenty of activity in their existence. When I see old outbuildings I think of the families who used them and lived there.I had a lot of fun playing in barns as a child, spending many a day climbing and jumping around. Some barns have passed through a multitude of families so it is fun to look for initials and such that might identify them. I have had fun stopping and talking to the owners to find out how old and who built these palaces of the land.

Old tack hangs from a post as a remembrance to the work horses, oxen and mules that were a mainstay on our farms. When automation first arrived many were skeptical of owning something with such a great expense and many shared implements for farming. Today that is almost unheard of, but in my area are groups of Amish who shun anything mechanical and still use horses to both farm, but also travel.

A portion of a stream has been rerouted to power a wheel that turned huge grinding stones at a grist mill. Often the miller would stay for days grinding grain for settlers, so was a major businessman in the area. Water power was often used to power mills and sawmills before the use of steam power, so major settlements were close to this source of power.




It was hard to just pick three, as I have read many of you who are avid photographers like me have had, but take that times thirty or more and that is a lot to preview and try to narrow down some of the best.I have lots of old barns to show, many having stone foundations from stone right where they were built. Here in Iowa is a foundation trying to get people to maintain and preserve this heritage of our land. Many have been lost to not being used and poor maintenance. Grist mills have also hit the wayside. a few still offer products to people who admire the quality of the product, but I have hardly ever seen a water powered one in operation.


  1. Great photos. I also love old barns. It's fun to imagine who may have worked inside those walls and how they may have looked when they were first built.

  2. I love the story which contains stories.

    The barns, and the old outbuildings are full of stories by themselves.

  3. All three photos are great but that third one is just outstanding! I bet it would be gorgeous huge and framed! Your exposure - slowing the water is excellent!!!

  4. Love the first barn photos. I've always wanted to experience living in that particular setting. Weathered and worn, for me is tried and true.

  5. Love the barn photos! They are one of my favorites! I included a barn photi in my submission this month too! Check it out! Thanks for sharing these with us! I live on the prairie too! We have some beautiful subject to photograph, huh?

  6. I love old barns! All three photos are great. Interesting to see part of the grist mill!


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