Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge

When I plant a few flowers I think of my grandmother saying, " You can't eat flowers." Perhaps this was in reference to forty new varieties I already had, or the space I could use to feed the world. The next year I planted as many as I could that you can eat, only to irritate her more, but still plant lots you can eat along with my great array of veggies .I am at eighty varieties of flowers and vegetables so far that I have added this year.

I shot these daffodils after a rain, down low facing the morning sun.My yard is full of diamonds!

Pink can be a power color, it always catches my eye. I have put in two pink gardens for friends with cancer to offer strength and spiritual health.

This is a native columbine outside of a limestone gate. They have an elegance to them when found in the woodlands that always catches my eye. As a child I saw a drawing of a fairy with a columbine cap. After that I was always on the lookout for them in the woods.

This is Black Locust blooms, they almost look like wisteria. You can eat them when fresh and enjoy a sweet treat while walking through the woods. They are an invasive tree so many foresters would give them the ax.I would like to try wine made with these, something I found out about this year.

Tulips are a flower I always wish would last longer. These are close to the end of season but still stand regal.

A favorite color of tulip this year, can you ever have enough of these beauties that mark the arrival of spring? One friend asked me how many were in a bed and I laughed since I log all flowers planted.

Walking past these in a nursery I tried to avoid these, only to make it about ten feet and coming back for them.A most enjoyable color combination. I like to put white or light colored petunias along garden paths so I can find my way at night.

This year I felt I wasn't going to use African Daisies, but this bloom was very unusual that I have them close to where I sit on my patio.

These iris were planted a long time ago in this old settler cemetery. The last burial here was in 1946 so needless to say it has been lost and forgotten by a few. I enjoy coming to this area, it had a prairie remnant that was harvested for seed to establish a major prairie center near my home. It is also next to an area that was a garrison to protect Native American lands from invasion by settlers.

You may have seen a few of these, but hopefully they have the warmth and beauty to hold your attention. I think I was #32 in a group to post pics of flowers. Peace


  1. From your pictures I'm going to guess that you have an amazing garden. I love the one of the daffodils, it does look like diamonds in the background.

  2. Oh Goodness Girl!! I Love the pinks and Blues!! Gorgeous! Pink Is a powerful color!
    Well Done!

  3. Such an Incredible view of your garden blooms!! Wonderful shots!

  4. I am amazed by your garden that is full of diamonds.

    I must look for mine tomorrow morning. I love diamonds, or crystals.

  5. Are all these flowers in your garden? Now I am so envious ^_^. They are all so pretty and can't wait to see more from your garden. The columbine flower of yours is pink and I have the same shape but it's white. So I guess it's columbine too. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

    With Yellow

  6. Those tulips and multicolored petunias are the most unusual, absolutely beautiful photos and garden.

  7. I enjoyed your flowers and the commentaries...thanks!

  8. I like your flower pictures. I was lucky that my grandma was the one who taught me about flowers. It was a long time ago, so I don't remember much technical information that she shared. I mostly just remember her love of them. And snapdragons.

  9. Beautiful! You must have a very green thumb! All the flowers are stunningly gorgeous!

  10. Your garden must be a feast for the senses. I always enjoy iris but those columbine are exquisite. Very nice shots.

  11. Simply beautiful flowers! It is hard to chose a favorite.

  12. Hi - and thanks so much for ID'ing the Black Locust - I sure do think it is beautiful even if it is invasive :-) Your flowers are gorgeous and it seems you know them all so well! The color combination of your petunias is quite different. Are you familiar with the old fashioned 4 O'clocks? Most you see are deep pink or white. But I had a bed of them that turned out to be the very same color combo as your petunias. They have the most amazing fragrance (which seems to come full in the evening :-)
    So neat that you saw your first Bobolink! I'm going to start looking - I saw a couple here last year about this time!

  13. Eighty varieties, and thats just what you added this year? Wow, you are a master gardner for sure! Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos!


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